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    Saffron Remington

    Saffron Remington
    Saffron Remington

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    Saffron Remington Empty Saffron Remington

    Post by Saffron Remington 21st January 2021, 12:33 pm

    Name: Saffron Remington
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Birthday: February 30th, X867
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Her right arm is entirely robotic and her eyes change color when she is feeling exceptionally strong emotions, mostly red when she’s angry.

    Personality: Life is an adventure, and no one should ever settle for treating it like anything less. Or at least, that’s how Saffron feels. She is a woman with a passionate and care free spirit that is always yearning for new and exciting experiences, and anyone trying to be a party pooper or rain on her parade needs to seriously get a life. Saffron is all about having a good time, and the more danger that’s involved, the better. She’s very social, but unfortunately she is not great at filtering thoughts and opinions before they reach her mouth. This can often result in her getting into trouble or upsetting others because she has a habit of pointing out embarrassing situations and calling out people who are being snobs or hypocrites, without stopping to think about the possible repercussions. Saffron is also extremely proud of her over abundance of flowing, golden hair, and she does not let anyone touch it without permission.

    When it comes to responsibility, Saffron absolutely abhors paperwork and anything that requires her to sit at a desk or stay in one spot for too long. She will always procrastinate on such duties and will often complain about them, though it’s worth noting that she will do it. Exciting jobs that fuel her desire for adventure, however, are done with gusto and enthusiasm, especially ones that involve fighting. That being said, Saffron is an extremely unorthodox person that is always striving to put her own flair on things and loves doing jobs in her own way rather than the way that is expected or practiced and proven. A strongly independent woman, she prefers to work at her own pace and hates being monitored. She can be a leader if necessary, but prefers to not have to worry about being responsible about anyone other than herself if she can help it. However, she can be a good follower and often sets an example for others when it comes to doing her duties, even when the work isn’t pleasant or fun, as she does take her reputation of being reliable very seriously.


    • Adrenaline - She’s a junkie for a good thrill.
    • Her Hair - Don’t touch it, don’t cut it, don’t even breathe on it. She will break you.
    • Dumb People - They’re so God damned entertaining!


    • Boredom - Literally no worse feeling in the world. Boredom leads to her getting into trouble.
    • Egotistical People - Self absorbed people are infuriating, and she cannot stand them.
    • Abusers - Especially people who abuse animals and babies. If she witnesses any kind of unwarranted abuse, she will step in.


    • Adventure - It’s how she satiates her thrill seeking. She loves trying new things, whether it’s food, activities, going new places. If she’s never done it before, she’d probably try it.
    • Independence - She doesn’t want to feel restricted, and won’t agree to anything if she thinks it will risk being able to live her life as freely she wants.
    • Impulse - There is very little forethought to her actions. She tends to live life flying by the seat of her pants and doing whatever happens to catch her interest in the moment.


    • Paralysis - The thought of her body failing her is something she dreads, because it would prevent her from being able to live her adventurous lifestyle and would force her to be dependent on others.
    • Betrayal - As a woman who doesn’t easily open up to others or take her own emotions very seriously, if someone she chose to trust broke that trust, she would not take it well.
    • Isolation - The thought of not having anyone worthwhile in her life for the long haul terrifies her. She needs to feel like she has real companionship somewhere, whether romantically or platonically.

    General Appearance

    Weight:160 lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Purple
    Skin Tone: Lightly tanned


    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: On the top of her right foot
    Tattoo Color: White

    Link to Alt Purchase: Clicky
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    Saffron Remington Empty Re: Saffron Remington

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 22nd January 2021, 12:22 am

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