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    The World


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    The World Empty The World

    Post by Aura 18th January 2021, 5:09 pm

    The World 57LlWWo

    Name: The World
    Grade: Artifact
    Type: Item
    Proof of Acquisition: X
    Description: A single card, ironically, lost to the world. Yet, it found you by suddenly appearing among your Tarot cards, after a dream beckoned its coming. It seems to oddly resonate with your Tarot Dragons, small dragons having been incorporated in its artwork. Somehow, having this card near you makes you feel more in tune with your summons.

    • Resonating Bliss [S] || All active summons gain a passive 60% buff to their spell damage.
    • Unbreakable Ties [S] || All active summons gain a passive 60% buff to their health.


    And be she but Small,
    she is Fierce

    The World GWsGXSQ

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