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    Sword of Legacy


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    Sword of Legacy Empty Sword of Legacy

    Post by Aura 18th January 2021, 3:29 pm

    Sword of Legacy Ym0BZ8w

    Name: Sword of Legacy
    Grade: Artifact
    Type: Weapon
    Proof of Acquisition: X
    Description: An ancient blade said to have been forged during the beginning of times by a master blacksmith in service of the gods, meant to be gifted to mortal heroes in their time of need. Although its true descent is covered in myths, you're certain you've read descriptions of a similar sword in stories when you were little; of its blazing red blade and fanged guard, but mostly of the masters that wielded it. And now it has fallen into your hands. The sword feels almost weightless in your hands, and you sense a strange vibration within it, as if it were alive. Its size will adjust itself to the user's preference, and will constantly change if wished so.


    • True Potential [S] || A passive buff to melee damage granted to the wielder, without the need to physically hold the sword for it to be active. Just having the sword with you in a thread allows for this buff to be taken into account. Scales up accordingly from D-rank to S-rank. (40% / 45% / 50% / 55% / 60%).

    • Legacy of the Swordmaster [A] || For a single moment you're embodied by the skills and instincts of those that came before you, your body moving as if you were one with the wind. You perform a combo attack imbued with magic, leaving a trail of magic in the wake of your blade, dealing corresponding magic damage upon hitting a single target. (From D-rank up until A-rank => 40 HP/ 60 HP/ 80 HP/ 100HP)


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