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    Reversal Lesson


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    Reversal Lesson Empty Reversal Lesson

    Post by Luceam 18th January 2021, 1:24 pm

    "This can't really get any worse." Luna thought to herself as she was trying to help Mai learn a lesson, even though she lost sight on what any lesson could be for the moment. Luna found a job that wouldn't be violent, a simple job clearing a blockage in a river that restricted the flow of water and was starting to affect the area around the river that depended on it, either by lack of water or overflowing. It was not there that the problem rose as Luna and Mai did manage to clear through the rubble and restore the river's natural flow. While Mai was normally over energetic and slightly insensitive to others, at that point she was not at risk of endangering herself as Luna was able to smooth things over with the client.

    The Client, an elderly sage was above taking offense by a child's words and forgiven both her and Luna for Mai's actions and still paid them. Luna thought that was over, however she recalled there was a great deal of reconstruction to the main road north of the forest so she and Mai would have to take the eastern route through Crocus to return back to Ace of Spades, and hearing that the mages were going down the route the sage offered to tell the quickest path possible but there was something to note about the area they'd have to pass through.

    The sage informed Luna that there was a deity in the area, the elderly man forgotten the name as it was his own father who met with the god but it was a relatively kind one, and just wanted a private place to leave their shrine away from the constant ruckus of the world. He said so long as the shrine is undisturbed the deity will not take offense, however there have been rumors for parties who merely stained the shrine to disappear and never be heard from again. Luna assumed so long as they would try be conscientious to stay clear of the shrine that they would be fine and pass through the area without an issue.

    However things would eventually take quite the unexpected turn in an attempt to avoid the shrine. Luna could sense the divine energy of the shrine emanating from a long distance away and decided to alter their route accordingly to stay a distance away from the source. The Shrine was built in the midst of a clearing, a simple yet elegant stone carved structure coated with moss. An Emerald orb was near the top that faintly glowed in the distance.

    During the detour Luna found that their luck wasn't quite so great as they would find an unexpected encounter when Mai would accidentally disturb a rather large nest of insects, a magical wind powered hornet's nest, sending a swarm of aggressive hornets after the two. Luna almost had the swarm pacified peacefully but combat broken out among the forest, and Luna and Mai got separated for a brief moment as the hornets had a larger army. Managing to subdue the swarm after her, she returned her focus to see where her protégé was, only for her face to turn pale as she sensed Mai and the hornets she was fighting was getting close to the shrine and began to chase after them.

    "This can't really get any worse.." She thought to herself as she was getting close, only praying she could stop Mai from doing something to invoke the wrath of an angry deity, as that would be one of few things she couldn't get around with a simple apology quite so easily.

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