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    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 14th January 2021, 1:39 pm

    Perpetuus Sama

    Artifact (+) Armor


    Legend once spoke of a luxurious civilization hidden amongst the sands. It was said to have been built with foundations of gold and bricks of silver, every citizen enjoying a comfortable life. Of course, many dismissed the rumors as a simple myth to excite the imaginations of small children. However, there was someone who took the stories seriously, a skilled thief who had made quite a name for himself executing grand schemes. Taking a small crew, he took off into the great unknown to find the lost city himself with the intentions of stealing every single one of its treasures for himself.  After a long and treacherous journey, the group arrived to find all citizens had been long dead. The exact cause still remains a mystery today, but an undoubted fact was that the land was abundant in riches. Unable to properly package all of it, the thief resorted to using a mystical artifact to seal away the very land the city stood on. Of course, the journey back from the lost city was just as arduous as the journey to it, and under those conditions the entire band of adventurers succumbed the harsh climate, leaving the city lost in the sands.

    The "lost city" has been mostly leveled down to ruins with the passage of time, but its presence within the marble served to preserve it to some degree. The marble itself is functionally indestructible, and the land within it almost impervious to outside forces. But it still is rather small, so don't drop it down a gutter or something.


    Name: Mystic Sands
    Type: Passive
    Description: The reason the lost city lasted so long in the first place without being discovered was due to the intricate layers of enhancements and enchantments performed on it. As such, protective measures are able to penetrate the marble, granting its user its benefits. Their HP is increased by a flat 100 points, but as a result, all piercing attacks hitting their shield spells and armor will deal 100% of their original damage to the user instead of 50%.

    Name: Absolute Territory
    Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
    Type: AoE, Debuff
    Damage: N/a
    Speed: User Rank AoE
    Distance: User Rank AoE
    Duration: 5
    Description: This ability forces the image of the lost city into the physical world, acting as a sort of bubble in reality. Imprinting itself over the preexisting landscape to mirror that of the image within the marble, it is an exact copy of its current state. This allows the user to detect any person and magic within the artificial desert, allowing them to constantly be aware of every distinct entity within the ability's range. Along with this comes a 50% spell damage resistance debuff for all enemies within range.

    Proof of Purchase: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t38355p50-curious-oddities-a-unique-item-shop#386490
    Trade proof: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t35419p625-the-trading-hub#387085


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