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    Once More, With Feeling

    Nohres Xaclamir
    Nohres Xaclamir

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    Once More, With Feeling Empty Once More, With Feeling

    Post by Nohres Xaclamir 9th January 2021, 7:12 pm

    2020 sucked. Decided to do what I could to make 2021 better for myself, which means haunting your halls gracing you with my presence stopping by to say hi, blame Serilda (again), and do what makes me happy;

    Brutally torturing, physically and emotionally, my character(s).

    Hope 2021 goes well for all you guys.


    Serilda Sinclair
    Serilda Sinclair

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    Once More, With Feeling Empty Re: Once More, With Feeling

    Post by Serilda Sinclair 9th January 2021, 7:14 pm

    Once More, With Feeling Tenor


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