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    Passport Empty Passport

    Post by hosriuscamnus 22nd December 2020, 9:15 pm

    Hosrius Camnus "The Dark Angel"
    Job Log #9747

    Earthland -- what an interesting, if primitive world. It was hard to believe the target had fled here. Then again, hiding on a backwater planet could be considered the perfect hiding place. Maybe it was more ingenious than people believed.

    Hosrius Camnus scrolled through the digital screen that was attached to his arm gauntlet. The orange hub was completely holographic in its design but was still solid enough for his fingers to impact the screen and keyboard. He typed in a few key search words, wondering just how easy it would be to find his target. He paused briefly, his eyes flitting to the side to look at the several faces that were looking at him. In fact, as he directed his attention away from his embedded computer, he realized the entirety of the room was staring at him. He released a small breath from his nostrils as he looked between all the staring, shocked eyes that were fixated on him.

    So Earthland wasn’t native to aliens then, at least not ones that were obvious. He had found it strange when he came into orbit that no broadcast attempted to communicate with him and look for clearance. He’d been told that this world had some kind of advancement and by the time he had landed his ship, hidden it and journeyed to the closest town, he had found its civilization… acceptable. But they lacked the technology that was commonplace in the rest of the galaxy. He couldn’t even connect to a global network like most other planets had -- he’d been forced to discover the strange system called a ‘Lacnet’. It was a bit like the network but antiquated. They were much farther behind than he had been led to believe.

    Which meant, of course, that him striding around looking as alien as he was would surely capture the attention of people around him. He only gave the crowd a few more seconds of consideration before he went back to his screen, idly stepping into the open spot that had been left by the person in front of him. Nothing came up on the Lacnet with the key words, Hosrius snorting softly but unsurprised. One didn’t run from a bounty only to make themselves popular on the world they were trying to hide on. “He’s certainly not stupid,” he muttered to himself as he minimized his screen.

    He’d learned, upon trying to journey beyond this nation’s limits, that he required a passport of some kind. Realizing that this world was not unified under a single government was actually kind of… intriguing. Separate nations dotted the world and Hosrius took some time to do a little research about the world. He was currently in a nation called ‘Fiore’, a monarchy that was ruled by a king but governed by a council. One of the humans called out ‘next’ and Hosrius stepped up to the glass. “Good afternoon,” he said pleasantly to the woman who was barely paying attention.

    “Here for a passport?”

    “Indeed. What information do you require?”

    “Name and guild,” the woman grunted as she plucked an empty booklet and prepared to write onto it.

    Guilds -- that’s right, there were institutions in the world were certain humans gathered. He hadn’t considered joining one, if only to avoid questions and investigations. “Hosrius Camnus and guildless,” he said after a second of internal deliberation.

    The woman scratched his details down and then grabbed a stamp, aggressively slamming it down on the page. “Here ya go, hun,” she said as she handed it through the glass and finally looked up. The stunned look that crossed over her face was humorous and Hosrius couldn’t help the small, impish smile that came over his mouth. “Thank you, I am quite the looker,” he said, attempting to use humor to ease the tension.

    It didn’t work.

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