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    Lacrima Bow

    Mercury Arseneault
    Mercury Arseneault

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    Lacrima Bow Empty Lacrima Bow

    Post by Mercury Arseneault 18th December 2020, 2:44 pm

    Lacrima Bow

    Integration Special


    Proof of Acquisition:
    Page 19, Post n°474

    Integrated Slayer Lacrima:
    Glitch Breaker Lacrima (Page 1, Post n°12):


    Log Entry #1 - June 15th, X884
    As expected, the old man was rather unwilling to share his findings with our envoy. I suppose he had his reasons, understandably, but a technology like the one he has realized cannot be allowed to go to waste on building fancy lighting systems or household merchandise! The potential this research carries for our armament efforts is simply too great, so naturally, we had to do something. No one will know who did this, of course, and with the bumbling fool now out of the way we have free reign to do as we please with his findings, most of which we have acquired for ourselves. We had to clear out his laboratory rather hastily, unfortunately, to ensure that we would remain undetected, but I am confident we have taken all that was of interest. With this now in the possession of our project, and indeed, our nation, our advancements shall be certain.

    Log Entry #16 - September 8th, X884
    The development of a functioning prototype is giving us more trouble than initially assumed. While understanding the magic involved in the process of extracting the contained power of the Lacrima we took from the old man is not a problem at all, the enchantments, inscriptions, and infusions are simple enough, focussing it and making it usable as an energy source for the weapon we have been attempting to construct is proving to be, well, troublesome to say the least. The metal sealing the Lacrima generator is unlike anything we have ever seen. The technology he used baffles even our most renowned scientists, and by Arcanos, myself as well. Perhaps the people of Bosco have acquired technological means that are far beyond our own, but they are human just as much as we are. If there is any rhyme or reason to this electronic junk, then I swear to the mighty God of Magic himself, I shall decipher it in its entirety and finish my research for the glory of Bellum.

    Log Entry #43 - 3rd of February, X885
    Finally. After so many months of sleepless nights, frustration, and endless work it seems that our efforts have borne fruit! The technology that the team we sent back to Bosco for a little bit of ... intelligence has brought back to us has, it would appear, had its uses, after all. The first prototype is stable, a formidable saber, I must say, and our design team is working on the next prototype already, this time attempting to see how a ranged weapon would deal with the Lacrima core. There are some minor flaws, of course, but we will begin working on those after a brief period of rest. By the glory of Arcanos, perhaps it would even be time to begin mass production of these weapons after all tests have been concluded. A truly delightful thought, but for now, our project will continue on perfecting the insights we have gathered to this date.

    Lacrima Bow U0kPZlP


    Name: Lacrima Core
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The bow draws its power from the piece of crystallized magic used in its construction, the Slayer Lacrima that fuels it heavily influencing how this particular weapon functions. For its natural melee attacks, this bow utilizes Spell Damage as basis for its damage calculations. Each regular shot fired from this weapon will be made up of one or multiple elements associated with the Lacrima integrated into the weapon, dealing user rank advanced Multi Target damage when hitting a foe. Shots fired from this bow move at user rank advanced Multi Target speed, up to a maximum distance of user rank advanced Multi Target range. Shots fired through this ability can pierce any shield, even those with anti-piercing qualities, sacrificing only 25% of its base damage when used to pierce a shield, barrier, or wall. Further, the user benefits from a passive 250% increase to their Spell Damage, the Slayer Lacrima used in the creation of this exceptional piece of weaponry lending its strength to its user.

    Name: Lacrima Empowerment
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: A bowman without a quick means of escape is as good as dead. To ensure the user can not only hit their target, but also make a fast, safe exit and stay alive when necessary, they are provided with a 200 m/s increase to their movement speed by the weapon's Lacrima generator, leaving a faint trail of one or more of the Lacrima's elements behind when they move, while a faint aura of the same element or elements surrounds the user in combat. This is not a base increase, but an additive modifier applying before any other given increases apply.

    Name: Lacrima Force
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The control over the Slayer Lacrima embedded in a weapon, in limits, gives this weapon and the user Slayer-like qualities. Like a Slayer, this bow can absorb spells and abilities of the same element or elements as those a Slayer using the Lacrima could absorb. Much like a Slayer, the wielder of the bow will regain MP when a spell or ability is absorbed, following the rules for Slayer consumption of the associated elements and Slayer type or types. The bow, however, cannot absorb naturally occurring elements as Slayers can, and neither the user nor the sword benefits from a Slayer's damage reductions. Further, the user also has access to a unique Force mechanic called Lacrima Force while wielding this bow. Lacrima Force, in essence, functions like Third Gen Slayer Force for the associated Lacrima, enabling the user to enter force at will while wielding the Lacrima Bow as well as enjoy the following benefits:

    • Increases the user's Strength, Speed, and Spell Damage by 100% while Lacrima Force is active.
    • While Lacrima Force is active, both the bow and the user are surrounded by an aura of the Lacrima's associated element/s, increasing either their base spell damage or their base melee damage by 50%. This increase is separate from other base increases and can apply independently of the cap imposed on base increases.
    • While Lacrima Force is active spells cost no MP to cast.
    • To Maintain Lacrima Force the user must spend 10% of their maximum total MP per post. MP cannot be regained or regenerated while Lacrima Force is active. Once the user of Lacrima Force hits 0 MP or once they choose to cancel it, Lacrima Force ends. If one hits 0 MP through the use of Force they suffer from the consequences of running out of MP as normal.

    Name: Lacrima Sniper
    Rank: H+ (Unlocks at H Rank)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Single Target
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Self
    Speed: Self
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Downside: Costs 500 MP to cast. Unaffected by decreases to spell cost
    Description: While the weapon is also built to support the user, its offensive capabilities are not to be ignored. As a ranged weapon, The main purpose of this piece is to fight at considerable distances, the bow's magic circuits, enchantments, and other auxiliary systems all being fine-tuned to this task. Not only this, but with a piece of crystallized magic as its core, the weapon's own magic seems to almost understand this specialization, aiding the user and the bow alike in this task. While this ability is active, both the user's base Spell Speed and base Spell Range are increased by 50% for the duration of this ability. These increases may exceed the otherwise imposed limit on base increases, allowing the user to surpass the cap as specified in the rules.

    Name: [Custom ability for the user to design]
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
    Description: [Must be an ability based on one or more of the elements of the integrated Slayer Lacrima]


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