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    Toying around with a new gadget


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    Toying around with a new gadget Empty Toying around with a new gadget

    Post by Segodon 15th December 2020, 3:20 am

             Toying around with a new gadget Untitl12

    “Much is lost, but much lasts. . .”

    The hinges screamed when the door was opened. Through it walked a tall woman, with flowing raven hair and deep green eyes. Her bright red lips were smiling, her eyes glittering. She swiftly moved through the workshop; her leather boots thumped on the rough concrete floor. She wore black jeans, a white shirt, and a black overcoat with dark red patches. Her belt and fingerless gloves were made of brown leather. On her hip hung a silver revolver in a leather holster. As she paved her way through the maze of equipment, from motorcycles to armoured vehicles and passed racks of guns and other weapons. She raised her hand as she saw the mechanic, at his workbench. With her hand raised, Cassandra shouted out; ”Raiden! Raiden! Is it finished? Tell me that you finished it!” In her excitement she bumped against tool rack, sending dozens of wrenches, screwdrivers and other equipment clattering to the ground and under shelves.

    Raiden jumped up, he had not heard the door and had not consciously registered Cassandra’s voice calling out, the sudden explosion of sounds as his gear fell upon the ground startled him. He swung half a circle on his chair and flipped up his welding visor. His face was covered with a thick bristly beard, the other half of his face was covered in black soot. His eyes were grey and looked sharply at Cassandra. “Cass, what you doing!” shouted Raiden, he had his hands in his hair as he looked at the mess. He wore what originally was supposed to be black cardo pants, but now they were patched up with different patches of cloth and covered in stains from rust, oil, and different hues of paint. His grey hoodie was covered by a thick brown leather apron, his hands too were gloved in thick brown leather to protect his fingers.

    ”Ow don’t worry. I’ll sort it out,” said Cassandra as she dropped on her knees to gather fallen equipment. The board, on which the equipment hung had marked with chalk to allocate the equipment to its proper place, but Cassandra ignored it. She hung the pieces up where they fitted and stood back up. Some of the hooks were still empty, as Cassandra had been unable to find them. Brushed off her knees and turned to Raiden with a wide smile on her face. ”See,” she said, whilst nodding.

    “Yeah…,” said Raiden, as he took of the welder mask and let out a sigh, releasing his long messy brown hair. His hands rested upon his workbench as he looks at the wall. He would have to sort out the equipment later. He let out another sigh. “You’re here for the gauntlet?” he asked, thoughts he knew the answer all too well. Cassandra was that type of person that would look over your shoulder while your working, well all the time asking, “Is it done”.

    Cassandra's head bobbed up and down, making a mess of her raven hair. ”Yes! Is it done?” she asked. Shifting on her feet, she could barely stand still in her excitement. She had been waiting on this for a month since she brought the lacrima to Raiden, and she had found it two months before that at a temple in Desierto. The temple had been dedicated to a thunder god named Sat-úr, the god of thunder, rain, storms, and protector against demons of the underworld. It was said that thunderstorms cloaked his fight with the demon’s spawn, each flash of lighting, each thundering sound of thunder was Sat-úr sending back another demon that could wreak havoc on the mortal plane of existence. The god has not been worshipped in thousands of years, it’s temple long since forgotten but Cassandra found one mention in a journal from ancient traveller and could not resist to find it and uncover its treasures.

    “Yes, it is done,” said Raiden as he walked towards a shelf. He stopped in his track and turned around, pointing his finger. “You are not going to try it out here in the shop,” he pointed at her hip, “you nearly blew up the shop with that thing, and this gauntlet… much more powerful… take it, pay it and then leave before you fry us both.”

    ”Jeez, that was an accident,” said Cassandra, taken aback by the hostility.

    “I told you not to toy around with it, to leave it in its sheath!” Exclaimed Raiden, “and you did nonetheless.”

    ”Well, yes but it didn’t mean to pull the trigger,” said Cassandra.

    Raiden let out a deep sigh, there was no arguing with Cassandra. He picked up a leather glove with brass bolts, wires, and plates. Upon the wrist of the gauntlet an electric blue orb, a lacrima and within it surged electricity; lightning. The mechanic walked towards Cassandra. “It will take some time to get used to it,” said Raiden as he scratched his head, “the lacrima is as much in control as the gauntlet is. I’ll try to think of ways to improve it but until that time you need to figure it out on your own. Don’t use it in here. Do you have the jewels?” Raiden looked at her with suspicion, not because he distrusts her in regards to the money but how she will act once she has it.

    Her eyes grew big. ”It looks gorgeous, ” she exclaimed, as she danced on her spot. ”Yes, yes I have it here. ” She conjured a pouch, filled with jewels. ”It’s actually a bit more than we agreed too. ” They exchanged goods.

    Raiden’s eyes were fixed on the gauntlet, “now go before you kill us both.”

    Cassandra rolled with her eyes, ”you can be such a bore. Fine. Thank you, see you later sometime.”

    Raiden sighed. “Until next time,” he said but he thought, if you are still alive that is.

    Cassandra rushed out of the workshop, through the screeching door and onto the streets of Motor City. She donned the glove and stared at it with amazement. The Jittering sparks, within the lacrima, reflected within her green eyes. She stretched out her arm, opened hand and suddenly her hand was engulfed in electricity. It amazed to a large tangle of lighting, like an orb of thorns and then it jolted straight ahead; like a cannon. Blowing up a building farther down the street. She sucked her lungs full with air and stared whilst the façade of the building collapsed and filled the sidewalk with rouble. Her eyes went back to gaze upon the gauntlet. ”Cool,” she exclaimed and swivelled on her feet, to walk away.

    “I knew it,” said the voice of Raiden in the shop.

    Cassandra found an abandoned factory hall at the outskirts of Motor City. It had once been a thriving car manufacture fabric but ever since Reinford, it had become abandoned. There were still vehicles at the facility, rusting to dust. Cars half-assembled at the assembly line. If it were found like this in a thousand years, an archaeologist would relish; except for Cassandra, thought in the present it was a curious place to look around and have some fun with her new gadget that would revolutionize her combat capabilities. Now she would be on par with mages, no longer she had to rely solely on her revolver and her martial arts, where she relied on kicks and punches. Although this thing would virtually be an upgrade of her martial arts, but also so much more as well.

    ”Let’s see what you can do,” Cassandra as she looked at the lacrima in the gauntlet. She charged up the gauntlet, her eyes gazed at the jolting current of lightning that surrounded her hand palm. The gauntlet began to buzz and shake, she showed her hand palm towards a nearly finished car on the assembly line and shoot the current forwards. The lightning bolts jolted forwards, striking the car with such a force that it threw it off the assembly line. The side of the car displayed a gaping hole with edges of scorching melted metal. Cassandra blinked a couple of times, erupting in a cheerful screech. ”Aw yeah, that’s amazing,” exclaimed Cassandra. She charged up the gauntlet again but shorter and fired at another car. This time the car was not thrown away but did show a scolding mark on its door. ”Hmm, so charging does do wonders.”

    She leapt over the assembly line while charging the gauntlet. She slammed her fist into the car, exploding in a furry of lighting bolts and flung the car through the hall against all kinds of equipment. Cassandra wiped her brow, ”Glad that worked. Otherwise, I would have broken my arm.” She followed up by slamming into a robot arm, but with less time to charge it up. ”Aw,” exclaimed Cassandra, ”yep, yep, charging up is required.”

    She began charging up the gauntlet again, for a long time. The electricity surged, sparks of lightning surged around her, they were drawn to the cars and robotic arms around her. Some of the robots even started moving as they were powered by the impact of lighting. Cassandra then slammed her fist, that was engulfed with a tangle of lighting, into the concrete floor. The busted the floor, cracks ran through it and the epicentre was pulverised. As it happened the lighting jolted around her in an arch, blasting outwards. The wave of lighting threw over partially assembled cars and ripped robotic arms from their stands. Cassandra danced on the cracked concrete, ”this is so amazing.”

    She held her hand closed and charged the gauntlet up, a surging lightning bolt appeared within her hand like a javelin. She threw it at a wall, followed by another, and another. Each hit left behind a black smouldering mark upon the brick wall. She then threw one straight up, through the broken window and it disappeared into the sky. A lightning bolt came back towards the earth, striking part of the roof with explosive force, partially collapsing the roof, and setting fire to the building. For a moment she stood silently watching at the flames unsure if she should run away or not but she quickly realized that the building was mostly made metal, brick, and concrete; it would not burn down. And as predicted the flames quickly died out. ”Hmm, nifty,” she said to herself, as she charged the gauntlet up once more and threw another bolt into the air. A flash, a loud rouble and once more a part of the building had been pounded by a lightning strike, but this time did not set a fire.

    She decided to charge up the javelin like bolts, this time the bolt grew larger and larger. She threw it against a car, the lighting bolt surged through it and exploded in the factory wall. Melting metal oozed from the car where it had penetrated. ”What would happen if I charge it up on the floor,” wondered Cassandra out loud. She went on one knee and placed the palm of her hand on the cracked concrete floor and began charging the gauntlet with current. Electricity surged around her, forming an orb. Vehicles begone to shift, robots began to stir, and loose bolts and nails soared through the air and slammed against the dome of lighting; sticking outside of it. Then a loose door came flying and stuck to the dome, followed by a robot arm and then a couple of tires. Slowly some of the cars crept towards her and within the space of a couple of moments, she was surrounded by a wall of metal objects. ”Well that is useful, it must form some kind of electromagnetic force field around me,” said Cassandra, she charged up the gauntlet some more and then the force field exploded outwards. Sending away the metal object, clearing a path for her to walk out of the factory. Once she was outside, she once more charged up the lighting gauntlet and send a beam of electricity against the outside wall of the factory, making it cave in; partially collapsing the façade of the manufacturing hall. The factory had been abandoned and ruined, but now it was definitely in ruins. ”That was fun.”
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