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    Border Clashes [CLOSED]

    Shen Kadokawa
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    Official Border Clashes [CLOSED]

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 13th December 2020, 3:20 pm

    Border Clashes [CLOSED] Otc2wLm

    The armies of Ishgar are mobilizing

    Tensions between the nations have been on a steady incline over the past few weeks, months, even years and decades. Distrust, envy, ambition, revanchism, or the simple lust for power have always inspired and motivated strife among the great players on the stage of Ishgar, and the fact that, at the center of these confrontations, Bellum and Pergrande stand against one another yet again, is unsurprising to most people that hear of it. Dark clouds gather on the horizon, and while the fragile peace between the two historical rival states has lasted for a little longer than a decade, this period of cold war has given them both enough time to more than thoroughly prepare for their next battle. New alliances have been forged, new powers acquired, weapons stockpiled, soldiers trained, and with the powderkeg standing ready, all it needs is a spark to ignite the inferno.

    No one can really say who began the skirmishes all along the border between Bellum and Pergrande some few weeks prior, though the situation has already begun to escalate. Both nations are on full alert, Bellian agents reporting that Pergrande is beginning to move absolutely massive numbers of troops south towards the mountains near Bellum, as well as other important strategic locations, while Pergrandian infiltrators of the Paladins have informed the Emperor that Bellum is equipping an unprecedented number of their mages with new arcane weapons, armors, items, all containing previously unknown enchantments and magic. It didn't take long for one side to push into the territory of the other, with the other side immediately retaliating in kind, more and more troops being committed to spontaneous skirmishes that are spiraling out of control more and more. Though a formal declaration of war has not yet been made by either side, it is clear for all to see that there is little hope of extinguishing the swelling flames of conflict.

    Bellum has sent out messengers to its allies, especially its most important ally, the Magic Council of Fiore, claiming a surprise attack by the Empire of Pergrande and invoking defensive pacts that would force other nations to mobilize against the Empire as well, while Pergrande itself, seemingly willing to limit its own commitment to the conflict, at least for the time being, and paradoxically calling to any who will listen to its offer, mage or not, has brought up enormous amounts of gold to hire mercenaries, ... and whoever else is willing to fight and destroy Bellum and its forces in the area. With these events now set in motion, both nations, and indeed, all nations of Ishgar look towards the contested border regions, many people holding their breaths to wait for the outcome and consequences of the conflict, consequences that are bound to change the fate of Ishgar.

    Border Clashes - Description

    Fighting is already taking place in the region where Bellum's border meets that of the Pergrandian Empire, the snow-capped mountain peaks and steep, frozen cliffs becoming a battleground. Both parties are eager to seize the opportunity to gain dominance in the area and take the initiative by any means necessary, both parties hiring and committing outsiders to the battles and skirmishes in the hopes of limiting the involvement of their own nation in order to prevent the outbreak of a full-blown war, at least, for the time being, and both offering considerable rewards to draw uninvolved parties into the fight on their side.

    This Event is an official site-wide Event that will affect both the official site canon and in-game region of Ishgar, having real consequences for the world and the events that will occur within it, depending on its outcome. Players can choose to participate in the border clashes on the side of either

    the Holy Council of Bellum (Link)


    the Empire of Pergrande (Link)

    Depending on the side players back, they will receive not only a different reward but also participate in the border clashes against either Bellum or Pergrande, facing a different challenge depending on the faction that they engage. Details on the enemies one will face can be found below.

    The individual Word Count per participant is set at 4,000 Words.

    Players can complete the event in groups of 1-6.

    To receive the additional reward, stats are required for this event. Players are expected to work with and keep track of their stats (like damage dealt to opponents, damage received, spells, their own HP and MP, etc.) within their event threads. Magic or equipment are not strictly required, though all enemies must be defeated using stats in order to complete the event if this way to complete the event is chosen. If any of this is not a given in a player's event posts or event threads as a whole, the event turn-in will be denied. Similarly, an event turn-in will be denied if a player's use of stats breaks the current Magic Rules until the issue in question is resolved.

    Statless players, i.e. players who do not have access to an up-to-date stat magic, stat magic in general, or other abilities that use stats, may forego the use of stats in their event threads, but will not receive the additional reward for completing the event successfully.

    This Event will run until the 9th of April, 2021 (7pm CEST, 1pm EST)

    Sign up for the Event here

    Turn your Event in here


    Pergrande (If fighting for Bellum)

    Bellum (If fighting for Pergrande)


    In order to successfully complete the event, each player must roll the Monster Dice at least 10 times. All enemies encountered in the event thread must be rolled for. Depending on which side the player/s choose, they will encounter different enemies through the roll of the Monster Dice. All enemies spawned in this event are classed as "Event NPCs". The usage of spells and abilities that require OOC permission against them is denied and not allowed in any way (with the exception of Statless Magic in general). Rolls must be performed in the event thread itself. If siding with Pergrande, players will fight enemies listed under "Bellum". If siding with Bellum, players will fight enemies listed under "Pergrande".




    Upon successfully completing the event, players will receive 1.5x EXP of one rank higher than their own rank. D and C Rank Players will receive 2x B Rank EXP. Players ranked S Rank and above receive 100y EXP. Players will also receive a reward of 50,000 Jewels. Further, players will receive an additional reward based on the faction they supported in the event:

    Charged Lacrima (If supporting Bellum)
    A lacrima containing a great concentration of pure arcane power, which can be absorbed by most people to unlock greater magical potential. This item can be consumed when handing in a job to receive an additional amount of EXP equal to the user's rank. Players ranked S Rank and above receive 100y EXP.

    Oblivium Coin (If supporting Pergrande)
    A coin forged from the immensely valuable metal known as Oblivium, widely known to negate any and all magic as well as certain supernatural powers that touch it. This item can be consumed when handing in a job to double the number of base jewels gained from the job in question, which is then modified by any bonuses that may apply.

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