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    A Not-So-Lonely Christmas

    Majora Magica
    Majora Magica

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    A Not-So-Lonely Christmas  Empty A Not-So-Lonely Christmas

    Post by Majora Magica 9th December 2020, 1:16 pm

    … Christmas was beautiful. More beautiful than Asher ever imagined outside of his home village. Unlike All Hallows Eve, the traditions o Christmas wasn’t dramatically different here in the city, enough that Asher could recognize and participate in most. Bright fairy lights, flickering candles, golden inlaid snow globes, sparkling tree ordainments, all top off with the smells of roasting chestnuts and steaming eggnog and cocoa in the air. Fluffy, glittering snow (an ice mage maybe?) filled the streets of the Ace of Spades, while carollers sang and people practically frolicked. It was overwhelming for a mere country boy like Asher but in the best way. He was both overly excited, and unusually shy. He was also a bit sad. This was a holiday meant to spend with family, and it would be the first Christmas since his grandfather passed away…

    Maybe that was the reason he was standing off to the side of this year's Christmas Festival with a cup of cocoa in his hand staring longingly at the Christmas tree decorating contest starting up, rather than his usual cheerful and exuberant self. You needed two people to participate with anyway, and all of the friends he made here were celebrating with their families. Mai with Luna, Gaia with her husband and children, Victoria with her family (he thinks? Asher didn’t really ask), Rainer back to Iceberg to see his mother and sister… A few invited Asher along, but he didn’t want to disturb time he knew to be precious with the ones you love, and he was afraid his forlorn mood would distract them.

    But despite that, he did want to participate in the events. Some of them reminded him of the fun Christmas traditions he and his grandfather did, like the tree decorating, or even make some new memories and traditions to override the painful old ones.

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    A Not-So-Lonely Christmas  F4HFIssm

    A Not-So-Lonely Christmas  Tumblr_pjjq2ccaX51tk5d2vo3_400

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