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    ❂ Obtaining Necessities! ❂


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    ❂ Obtaining Necessities! ❂ Empty ❂ Obtaining Necessities! ❂

    Post by Gwen 8th December 2020, 6:19 pm

    ❂ Obtaining Necessities! ❂ JrBLMi1

    Gwen rocked back and forth on her toes, the snow crunching beneath her boots. Her hands were stuffed in the pockets of her slightly oversized yellow jacket. Humming a cheerful tune to herself, she was totally spaced out. All sorts of thoughts crossed her mind, flitting by like little birds. That’s what happened when she was bored. If she didn’t occupy her mind and keep moving in some way, she might explode of boredom!

    The line of people stretched in front of her and behind her for a couple hundred feet. Apparently today was a popular day to get a passport. People of all ages populated the queue. Kids played in the snowy streets while their parents stood in line chatting. The old woman in front of Gwen was knitting aggressively to pass the time. Everyone hated waiting, but they had to find things to do to entertain themselves.

    Gwen thought of all the countries she could visit once she got her passport. She’d learned the basic history of most of the Ishgar countries in school. The subject didn’t fascinate her as much as guilds and magic did, but she still wanted to explore a lot of the nations after hearing about them. Her youth had left her with little exposure to the world, so going on adventures was part of her big dream!

    The line shifted forward again, and Gwen realized that she was suddenly only a few spots from the front. Just a few more minutes and she would be there! When she finally reached the desk, a woman looked down at her through thick glasses.

    “Papers?” she droned monotonously.

    “Of course I have my papers! An adventurer never comes unprepared!” Gwen replied cheerfully. The irony of her statement was rich. Just last week, she had tackled a climb over a massive mountain with little gear and an overly optimistic attitude that had left her with a cold and an unfortunate magical affliction. She was still recovering from the cold, but the magic had stuck. The adventure hadn’t affected her unbridled spirit in the slightest, though.

    Slapping her personal documents down on the counter, Gwen put her hands in her jacket pockets and continued humming cheerfully as she waited for the woman to enter her information. The noise gained her a glare from the lady, but she didn’t notice it at all.

    “Sit here, smile if you want to.” The employee readied the little camera, and Gwen stood a few feet in front of it and put on her best smile. It was a little cheesy, but it was genuine. Stepping back up to the counter, she accepted her papers back and stuffed them in her bag. The brand new passport was placed in her hands. Gwen marveled at the shiny cover and crisp pages, her golden brown eyes wide in excitement. She had a passport! She could go anywhere!

    “Thank you!” the young woman cried, turning on her heel and rushing towards the door with a wave over her shoulder.

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