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    Hi, it's me Crowlee, I got a Passport!


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    Hi, it's me Crowlee, I got a Passport! Empty Hi, it's me Crowlee, I got a Passport!

    Post by Crowlee 27th November 2020, 4:54 pm

    I'll be your guide!

    “Je-Sus, this doesn’t make any sense!”

    A moment, if you’ll allow, to focus in on the often misunderstood but never respected being known as Crowlee. Now a full fledged member of Elysium--

    “There’s no proof of  that. My intro is still up and waiting, Janet. I need my stamp,” the ghost demon said, glancing upwards and thrusting a pointing finger at… well, no one in particular.

    -- Now a full fledged member of Elysium, thanks to continuity reasons, Crowlee held a semblance of responsibility in the world, at least in terms of keeping up the goals of his guild, which he seemed to have already forgotten about. But he had hung around long enough to understand the basics of what he needed to do and there was, surprisingly, a long and convoluted list of tasks he had to complete before he could be considered a true mage. The ghost demon, in his own words, needed to ‘get in character’.

    “Alright so, I have an intro into a sub board with smokin’ hot tits and dragon lady. Might as well skip the scaly chick and see how far I can get into Thana’s pants. Awooga is she hot,” Crowlee said, his face momentarily turning into that of a cartoon wolf and howling in excitement before returning to normal. He focused on the small pamphlet he had in his hand that held the notes he had taken. Of course, to anyone else that glanced at the parchment, they would find crudely drawn stick figures performing various acts of debauchery and violence. “Now next on the ‘newbie to-do’ guide is to make… my… magic. I’m a fucking demon, the ghost with the most, the Specter with the Spectacle, patents pending!” He announced, with a small copyright symbol appearing just above his head. “I am magic. I’m pretty sure I’m the only nincompoop that has any idea that we’re on a roleplay board for weeaboos. Plus all those numbers? No thanks. SKIP!”

    With his primary responsibility avoided like a children needing to do his chores, Crowlee continued down the list. “Okay, next is the first jobs I have to do. Apparently there are three that most people do right away. One is called ‘to Earthland and Beyond’ -- Christ, don’t waste all the creativity there, am I right? Apparently that will get me a… passport.”

    Crowlee blinked and then recoiled in disbelief. “A passport? To leave this piddly-ass country called Fiore? I was already in Sin, I came from REDACTED (A loud beep sounded in the immediate area rather than the word redacted) without any issue! Now suddenly I’m required to get a license to leave? This Fiore place sounds like Nazi Germany or twenty-first century America. Politic burn!”

    “Anyways,” Crowlee materialized inside the office of the passport officatior at Hargeon Port and swiped one of the empty booklets while she was distracted. He also snapped and caused the lamp above her to come crashing down on top of her just as he poofed back into… nowhere. “Passport,” he said, flipping open the book. He held it like one might a camera and the sound of a shutter closing echoed around him. His picture and details automatically filled the book. “Boom, donezo. Alright… what’s next…”

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