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    ban mai ~ [SOLO]


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    ban mai ~ [SOLO] Empty ban mai ~ [SOLO]

    Post by Pimwadee 24th November 2020, 8:50 pm

    If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
    One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go
    Pimwadee Chakri

    A new home.

    Such an exciting new adventure for the Lhukian girl, already in her travels having done so much. Having earned enough at Silver Wolf, was she now moving on to a place where she could achieve more specific goals. Silver Wolf had taught her plenty in the short time she was there, and hopefully she could apply that knowledge here; at Meliora Vitae. The girl still quite gotten used to the idea that she was now going to be living on a ship, a flying ship of all things. But it only added to her excitement for the adventure that lay ahead, besides she loved travel and what better way to do so!

    The asiatic female made her way through the guild, suitcase dragging along behind her. She had reached the second floor, which was supposedly where she would be moving into. It was still a little nerve-wracking to wander around the place, not entirely sure where she was going. Her amethyst eyes would leap from door to door in search of the room she had been assigned. Until finally she found it, excitedly she turned, the suitcase nearly toppling onto its side as she did so. Before she darted forward and stepped through the doors, her face a picture of awe as she took it all in. At present, it was just a bed, shelves, storage units, a couch and coffee table -  which to her was beyond wonderful. She scooted in more, letting go of her luggage, she darted through another door, gasping at the revelation of her private restroom.

    It wasn't too dissimilar to the room she had been given at Silver Wolf, but that didn't change how pleased she was. Having such a nice amount of privacy was a wonderful gift for the girl, and all this space to decorate was surely a blessing. Speaking of which, rushing out of the bathroom she would head over to her suitcase. Laying it down flat, she would quickly unzip the bag, before beginning to make the space her own. She started first and foremost by putting her clothes neatly into the drawers, organizing in a way that suited her. Then she would begin to place about her personal affects, laying a Lhukian flat weave mat on the floor and sliding it under the coffee table. She took a purple and gold silk throw and threw it over the couch, given it the asiatic look that she so loved. One by one she placed her personal touches around the room, from box shaped pillows, to photographs of her family back home and well as a respectful picture of the Lhukian king that would hang on the wall opposite her couch. There was also the random bits that she had purchased around Fiore during her travels, things that she had seen and loved. Soon the room would take shape and as she sat on the mat looking around at all of it, she felt at ease in her new home.


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