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    Interior Design w/ a side of OCD! (job)


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    Interior Design w/ a side of OCD! (job) Empty Interior Design w/ a side of OCD! (job)

    Post by Tabitha 21st November 2020, 2:28 pm

    Today was gonna be a fun day today! A chance to go pick out and design her own room was so great! Granted the Sinisterre had to make sure to scale things down to keep herself to a level of comfort without showing off the exquisites that she had been used to. But, Tabitha was someone who did enjoy some of the more simplistic things in life, so trying to downsize was nothing for her in some areas as opposed to others. As far the location of the room, it didn’t really matter to her where it was located in the ship so long as she had the ability to get in and out, have the same connectivity to things as other rooms. If they met those simple requirements, then she had no problem being on the very bottom of the ship if need be. And frankly it wasn’t too big of a problem if it did. From the meeting at least, Dagda seemed to be someone who made sure everything was to the fittest form for everyone whom was going to be taking up residency or even for guests whom stayed a night or two. The kind a person would give the shirt on their back for.

    No matter, very last room in the furthest back hallway given was where she chose, standing in the open doorway to the empty room and stared inside. What to do... “Purrrfection!” She announced, pouncing in and shutting the door. Honestly, nothing in here seemed to turn a nose to her in terms of decor. She didn’t think she’d be around much and the only thing she would want to keep were a few pieces of good furniture, a tv, a couch, and couple hiding places for equipment in a last resort sort of deal. Something she’d have to do something about stocking that up. The tv added was a decent size, positioned in a corner where she could watch from her bed or from the couch in the room, this way she could have guests and give them somewhere to relax or even herself so she wouldn’t have to spend the whole time in the bed.

    And the most important addition for the cat girl! A mini fridge! But not just any mini fridge! This was stocked full of milk! Wonderful, creamy, delicious milk fresh bought and in a fridge magically altered to preserve the milk for up to a year being fresh and each one labeled by date of purchase with the oldest in the front and the newest in the back. Among the other things placed in, one piece of furniture placed inside the room wine rack and multiple glass sets for up to 4 guests having the same size glasses, as well a 4-shelf bookshelf stuffed with different hardback books of varying sizes and genres. The hardest part that had bugged her to no end and led to multiple rearrangements of the shelf was how to organize the books! ABC order? Size order? Genre? The ideas were so flustering and frustrating that at one point she wanted to just take it down! But, taking a moment to sip on some wine and then came to just go basic with the ABC order, bookmarks set at each shelf corner should one book be in use, it would hold the place to be an ease of correctly placing it back.

    But now her room was complete, ready to relax and enjoy her time doing what she had to do for the guild!

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    Interior Design w/ a side of OCD! (job) GtF3mm9

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