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    Following the rumors


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    Following the rumors  Empty Following the rumors

    Post by Smrt 20th November 2020, 7:43 am

    While still in Rose Garden, Smrt was very much angry that he did not get many clues connected to Mari and the things that happened two years ago. Bunch of empty words and lies. The information he did get from those thugs, the rumors, led him down a different rabbit hole. He heard about the rising dark powers, and while following them, he came across a figure in the woods.
    He came to the Haunted Castle knowing that some kind of evil is getting ready to resurface, he tried sending information to the guild, but there was no time to wait for the answer, so he alone went to fix as much as he could. The dark figure walking alone towards the Haunted Castle could never be a good sign. Hiding Smrt saw the figure joining others like it. They all carried a single box each, hidden in the cloaks. The five dark mages, stood around a fire seemingly waiting for some else. The darkness was such, that even with the fire there was not much visible light.
    After a few minutes a sixth figure appeared this one, much bigger than the rest, but still small than Smrt. All six figures talked, but Smrt heard nothing, so he approached slowly, trying to hide his presence, badly.
    "Looks like we are not alone." said the big man "Someone was followed" the man smiled and raised a staff, made of a branch holding some red purple sparkling stones.
    As the staff was raised Smrt could see that all the dark figures were armed.
    "I was just passing, sorry to intrude, but what are you doing here, if I may ask?" Smrt's words confused the men.
    "You may die." the man that Smrt followed returned jumping with a knife that glowed with magic.
    At that moment blood was pumping through Smrt's veins hitting him with the adrenalin. In a blink of an eye his hands clapped and the knife was on the ground while the thug was holding a piece of stone, causing surprise. The thug's jaw broke as Smrt's fist connected. The rest tried to run but Smrt was quicker and stopped them using his magic, squeezing the surrounding air. Smrt was quick with his moves, he was always a good fighter, a born killer. None could stop him when he was on a rampage, and currently not five low level thugs.
    The clock of the big guy stood still as it was stuck, but he manged to move. He was stronger than the rest, and his attire was that of a ship captain.
    "Smugglers" Smrt through as he fished the weak guys and started running after the captain.
    The final thug was quick, he moved sliding on water that just appeared under his feet. Sadly for the captain, Smrt had a spell just for that.
    Smrt closed his eyes, and lifted one of his hands with an open palm aiming at the man, feeling his movement and  surrounding space. Ripples of energy shot forward as Smrt's palm closed and the captain was trapped in a grip similar to the one he escaped before.
    That gave Smrt enough time to catch him and try interrogation.
    "Who are you working for? What is this all about?
    As the captains mouth opened six magic circles appeared in the skies, water started pooling from captains body as he convulsed from the pain. Blood followed the water, and like a sword being drawn from a stone all the liquid shot upwards, leaving a husk of a person behind.
    Smrt found out nothing, but he now stood next to a ship, and he knew what is next step should be.

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    Following the rumors  Smrt_sign


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