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    Room with a View


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    Room with a View Empty Room with a View

    Post by Gwydion 20th November 2020, 4:59 am

    The ship was quiet. Only Dagda and Percy were on the massive, whale-like alien vessel. Well, the two men, a whole forest, and a lonely house plant.

    Though Percy had offered extensive help raising his metal, eco-friendly beast, he had rejected the invitation to the infant guild the first time his friend had asked. At the time he'd been in a guild with no plans to leave. He was just acting as a good friend to one of his very few, and as an eager mechanic and scientist about to explode from excitement over getting to dig around in alien technology. Once it was good to go, he'd taken his leave with promises to visit.

    Things had drastically changed.

    Fairy Tail had been demolished right on top of him. When he awoke a couple days later in the hospital, his brother informed him of an ultimatum passed down from their parents. To make sure Fairy Tail didn't run into any legal trouble from the affluent Dagger family, he was to leave the guild. It pissed him off. So turbulent were his emotions that he released himself from the hospital long before he should have been allowed to leave and took off to catch the S.S. Endeavor and take Dagda up on his offer. He could take care of himself far better than anyone else could, and he preferred to do it alone and as far away from anything Dagger as he could get.

    So now Percy-- arm in a cast and sling, leg in a mechanical brace of his own design, face and body full of bruises and cuts-- stood in his new quarters, staring out the large window at the world below. On one of the storage shelves sat a go-bag with tools and devices critical to his occupation as someone who works with technology and medicine. On his bedside table was his high-tech laptop and phone. On the coffee table were a teapot, a jar of honey, a small basket of lemons, and a container of loose-leaf tea. For someone who owned as much as he did, being rich and all, he didn't need much to survive. Not in a dorm, at least. His room at Fairy tail had been just as sparse, but why did he need to junk up his rooms with stuff when he had a lab that he basically lived in? If he hadn't had his lab, then his room would have been hands-over-fists more chaotic.

    The peculiar thing was that this time Percy had decided to bring a plant. It was a small little thing, just beginning to show signs of healthy leaves. It smelled of mint, so it seemed he intended to cultivate it for his tea-drinking needs. While Percy knew all about the make-up of various plants and general biological materials, he wasn't very good at keeping plants alive. He got too easily wrapped up in his work to care for much, often forgetting about them entirely until they were wilted or dead. Even now he seemed to be staring blankly at it like he had no idea how it got in his hand, but really he was just lost in miserable thoughts. Blinking, he remembered he'd come to set it in one of the windows so it could get some light, so he did that before he sank down on the bed just behind him. When alone, Percy no longer had to retain his reputation or any facades. He was free to grieve his weakness and release his frustrations with both himself and the situation. It had all been such a random thing that couldn't be helped. Well, that was a lie. If he'd had magic, he wouldn't have been in the state he was suffering, both mentally and physically. For seemingly the hundredth time, the balled fist of his good hand bashed into the fluffy navy duvet and hot tears seeped from his good eye.

    No matter how beautiful the view was from his dorm, it couldn't soothe the boy's despair.

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