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    A Place to Call My Own

    Cassiti Calixte
    Cassiti Calixte

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    A Place to Call My Own Empty A Place to Call My Own

    Post by Cassiti Calixte Thu 19 Nov 2020 - 3:58

    is not something you find. It is created.  
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    Given her place in Avalon’s society, one would think that anything Meliora Vitae had to offer her as a home would be fairly uninspiring in comparison. Cassiti had practically been born into luxury. As her people’s Oracle, she was provided the finest of Avalon’s already resplendent living arrangements in the large temple at the heart of the city, the tall structure overlooking the rest of the civilized portion of the island and easily seen from all around. It had been spacious, lavish, comfortable… but also lonely and a bit cold at times. For all the things she’d been provided, she’d never really had a space to really call her own, to arrange and live in as she saw fit, to have privacy when she wished it or to invite friends to visit. In fact, she’d never really had friends. Just the priestesses that raised her, and their relationship with Cassi had always been more professional and distant than anything else.

    So joining this guild, and being told that she was allowed to pick out a space to call her own, was… well, a bit exciting. It filled her with a sense of adventure. At the same time, she treated it much like she treated everything else in her life: as a test. Like all the other recruits that had joined her in being Meliora Vitae’s first group of members, she’d taken the time to explore the dorms within the interior halls of the Endeavor. The rooms were quite spacious and had everything she could ever need, but as she looked at the one that had been opened for her to view it felt almost a bit too much like home. Sure, in time perhaps she could find ways to make the space her own, but the truth was that Cassi didn’t have any money and didn’t own many possessions. Chances were that she wasn’t going to add much, if only out of habit, which would leave the space feeling uncomfortably totalitarian.

    However, she’d learned rather quickly that the interior dorms weren’t the only option. The members had also been informed that they could live in the Arborium itself, so long as nothing in the Arborium was hurt in the process. She took the time to make her way there to see what there was to offer, only to find a small handful of homes built around the trees. Cassiti had never seen such homes constructed this way before, and the very sight took her breath away. They were each unique, beautifully and artistically crafted, humble in size but not so small as to feel cramped. She wandered over to one that had caught her eye that it seemed no one had claimed yet, walking up the steps that lead the way to the entrance and taking a look inside.

    It was a quaint but open space, with just enough room for a comfortable social space, a dining nook, and a small kitchenette on the first floor. A ladder lead the way up to a second floor where there was an appropriately sized landing with plenty of space for the bed that awaited her there. A door to one side lead to a small but beautiful bathroom and a little walk in closet that would be more than enough space for her, particularly considering she only had one outfit. Then, another ladder lead up one more flight to a very small landing that was currently bare. The entire structure had a ton of natural light from all the windows that ran along it, and there was a porch that wrapped around the home on the outside. Below the house was plenty of space and covering for Kismet to take shelter in what would essentially be a natural habitat for her. In short, it was perfect, and she was filled with a sense of peace and joy just from merely walking its halls.

    With a small smile on her face, she left the home and put a marker out front to designate that the home had been spoken for -- as she had seen other members do with their own chosen arrangements -- and then left to go find Dagda or another person with the guild that could help her finalize her selection so she could officially call it her own.

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