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    Butting Heads


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    Butting Heads Empty Butting Heads

    Post by Homura on 16th November 2020, 6:13 pm

    XXXX (Place for mission info)

    C Rank Free Form

    The heat, flames, dust and hard stone was agonizing to him as he laid there. The same scenario he remembered. The day he was cursed and the day he was saved. He had fallen from a height as the warlords laid siege to his village. The red head had fallen into an underground cavern as the flames burned above. It hurt to breathe as he laid there, his body feeling broken and unwilling to move. All he could do was wait to die...

    However, he had fallen into not an empty cavern, but at the far back was a shrine. Worn, broken in places but still a holy dedication to some deity-- forgotten and neglected by the people and time. In the back was a carving of a 6-armed creature with a scary face. As the flames glowed-- the statue glowed, revealing a figure.

    It stood above the prone child, silently and as if he was a mere ghost. "Pathetic. You truly look like hell, boy. Though I am not in the best state either. You will die down here if you do nothing. " the voice spoke.

    His vision was blurry-- but he soon saw something. A barefooted man with blue and red gi as he looked over him. "Can't say I'll die, but I could die of boredom at this rate. So how about this. If you want to live, I'll make you a deal."

    His eyes narrowed crossly, angry and upset, but still couldn't make out the person talking down to him. "Let me into your body. Enhabit my essence, and I shall help you survive. Either that, or you can die in this ditch if you want."

    He fought to glare up at the face, but soon met the 'man' with white eyes, burning like a hellish white blaze. The hate and resilience he showed was more than enough to speak his answer.

    "Looks like there is fire in you still. Good. It be a waste if my vessel was not a good fit. Very well..." he spoke.

    The ghost vanished into a bright, crimson mass of magic that floated into the air-- and drew right to the boy. The magic felt hot, burning but energized him. As he could do nothing but lie there-- his crimson red hair soon vanished-- replaced by a white color as he felt the forign being enter his soul...


    Homura woke up. The same stupid dream, and he was sure 'Asura' had seen it too. The moment that he had become the vessel for the vengeful and wrathful god. True, it was either that or death-- and Asura had his own hell he wanted to escape from-- but now he had to live with a vengeful, violent god in his soul and mind, wanting to break free and use his body.

    Good Morning. Fond memories? Asura's voice greeted Homura as he woke up.

    "Oh shut up, you..." Homura grumbled as he pulled himself upright in the bed.

    "Hmm? Ugh...?" a voice spoke.

    Homura soon recalled he was not alone as he was buried in covers, naked to the waste down as beside him was a voluptuous redhead still half asleep. After the two of them made a mess of the bed that last night, she clearly was exhausted.

    Homura cleared his throat as he eased her back to rest. "Sorry. Go back to sleep. Just getting dressed." he explained to her, and she rolled back, a satisfying sigh escaping her.

    Heh-heh. We certainly wore her out. I think some people went running thinking we were committing bloody murder. Asura joked.

    Oh grow up, you perverted god... Homura responded as he slipped from bed to gather his clothes. He soon recovered his clothing and got dressed.

    Just as Homura left the room, allowing the woman to rest and keep the hotel room a bit more-- Asura replied to get in the last word. Heh, you're one to talk-- kid. You know you enjoy it when we get rough on wenches like this. .

    He didn't justify it with an answer as he got ready to get back to the guild in due time.

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