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    Synaptic Network IV

    Knight Owl
    Knight Owl

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    In Progress Synaptic Network IV

    Post by Knight Owl 15th November 2020, 10:23 am

    Synaptic Network III

    Grade I Legendary+
    Type I Magic Item
    Proof of Acquisition I Link I Upgrade Link
    The Synaptic Network of his brain allowed him to store more psychic energies and let his psionic powers move faster due to the enhancements on his brain caused by his circumstances of his birth. Through breaking the limits of his psionic powers through training and daily use of his own powers, he allowed himself to force the Synaptic Network to reconnect itself to other networks in his brain.

    Mental Capacity III

    Rank I A+
    Category I Auxiliary
    Type I Passive
    Most of the Synaptic Network store psionic energies, granting him 90% increased PSY, which is a resource replacing his MP from his lineage Psionic Soul.

    Myelin Amp II

    Rank I S
    Category I Auxiliary
    Type I Passive
    The Synaptic Networks of his brain also allow his psionic powers to move faster, granting him 60% Spell Speed.


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