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    In a Place Where Time has Vanished

    Ozwald Morgan
    Ozwald Morgan

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    In a Place Where Time has Vanished Empty In a Place Where Time has Vanished

    Post by Ozwald Morgan on 11th November 2020, 6:06 pm

    The Sanctum Isles

    With Sanctuary lost, the alumni were forced to vacate the docks area as their main base of operations, and from the looks of it, it would take a couple of months to get everything up and running again. Considering their power source was lost to an unknown entity in Ozwald’s dreams, they’ll have to settle for an alternative power source - electricity. It took them at least a week for them to successfully work on a functioning power generator which is owed to his ingenuity, but with the time constraints, he felt there’s room for improvement. It took them another two weeks to set up the cables and wirings to power the main faculties, and with the amount of tools they’d have to power up, it would take a long time to get New Sanctuary up and running. A construction company, namely Bob & Bob’s Son’s Construction, were hired to construct additional structures to house relics, artifacts, and the Motherlode.

    This isn’t to say his obligations to the guild were not fulfilled. Light work here and there like managing books and running errands would reserve him the energy needed to manage the construction of New Sanctuary. His guild obligations came second, with the re-establishment of New Sanctuary a primary concern. He’s already informed the guild master, Leona, that he’d be absent for a long time to take care of things back in the Sanctum Isles. Hopefully she understood how the alumni meant to him and why his guild priorities came second.

    He isn't one to lag behind in his training either, as he would always find time to train with his newfound magic of his. It’s only been months and there was visible progress in his efforts to master this power. Magical instruments were easy enough for him to use, even those with unparalleled power, but temporal magics is another thing. Even with the diagrams and instructions detailed on his grimoire, it’s not easy to harness what’s this and that to gather temporal energies from the book. How the book even contains temporal magics remains an enigma to him, but he isn’t one to question the hows when the book is entrusted to him by Alexander, a person from the past who also entrusted to him the 12 Brass Artifacts.

    Alexander… a mysterious figure from the future… Do they mean something? They must mean something, as if time revolves around him. Destiny, perhaps? Such silly presumptions would get him nowhere. He’s just an ordinary mage, that is all.

    Just as one of the machines in the Observatory was switched on, it already detected an anomaly. Oswald was quick to get there to see what this was all about. The instrument detailed the landing of another Brass Artifact in a perilous place called Morgate Town. He was in for a surprise. He arrived at the scene with the engineers minding their own businesses and the scholars awaiting his arrival, “Boss, we’ve got readings.”, one of them said as he entered, “Where is it?” Oswald was expecting a quick reply from them, but they hesitated for a moment. They were concerned seeing as the artifact fell in Morgate Town, even more so when they knew Ozwald would be going there solo AND without backup. They, who can’t even wield magic and let along fend for themselves, wouldn’t stand a chance against the perilous landscape. “Before everything else, we’d just like to advise you not to go there alone and-” Oswald interrupted, “I’ve been in every dangerous situation and survived all of them. What could possibly go wro- Oh bollocks.” He stopped in his tracks as he peered over at the screen. Damn it, he thought. Morgate Town was one place he’d avoid at all costs knowing the dangers that lie therein. He's heard of tales of monstrosities that come from within the nuclear landscape; creatures mutated terribly from the battles of eld. With his power as is, he found it best to take their advice to heart. “Well I’ll be damned. I guess I’ll have to contact the guild for some backup.”

    He left for the port, and with phone in hand, he contacted the guild to see if anyone’s available at the moment. “Hi, yes, this is Ozwald Morgan. I’m requesting backup for an artifact retrieval.” He said as his call was picked up, “The artifact in question is in Morgate Town, I’m afraid. Normally I’d do it on my own, but with Morgate Town as is, I might not make it out alive, thus my need for backup. This is also of urgent matter as another guild is after it. A dark guild.” His urgent need for backup is also somewhat justified. The Rapture Skirmishers are wont to attain artifacts by any means necessary, even at the expense of their own members. Chances of them appearing are high, though there is also a chance for them to steer clear from the nuclear wasteland. "As for what it can do, I daresay it has something to do with time. No, it's not a clock. I'm referring to something like Time Magic." And with the artifact in question being sought after, he’s confident he’ll have backup available.

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    In a Place Where Time has Vanished Empty Re: In a Place Where Time has Vanished

    Post by Amalia on 14th November 2020, 11:06 pm

    Amalia Ad Augusta per Angusta

    Amalia had just re-joined the guild of Silver Wolf from her trip around Fiore for some mercenary work and when she came back to the guild, she found a request for aid from one of its members. The member in question was Ozwald. Someone she had not yet met but had heard about, some rumours that he dabbled in ‘time’ magic. Time Lord, thought Amalia for no explicit reason. The artefact he was looking for was in Morgate Town and would be contested by a dark guild. She had scarcely been in the guild for an hour as she turned about and made way for Morgate Town, which was a place which she had never visited before.

    She took the train from Sakuramori and travelled through the capital, where she had met Teresa, and through Era before arriving in the mountain village. From the mountain village, she travelled by horse towards Morgate Town. She delved into the town of Morgate when she was on the train and what she read worried her. Morgate Town was deserted by sane people, it was a wasteland and if that was not all a toxic wasteland. Amalia would have to consider which requip she would be using; she could not charge into it in her usual attire or so she assumed. On the train, she had worn casual clothes but on horseback, she was fully clad in steel. Full-plate armour of silver steel, with few azure embellishments. A long wide cloak of blue and white. A sallet helmet ready to cover her face with a snap of her fingers. Around her waist were many belts to which were weapons attached. Her rapier, the Morning Star, her daggers, revolvers and other utensils and pouches. In one sense it was extravagant but on the other side very plain and mundane. Her brother and would wear armours that were a fortune; black steel with gilded images and golden ornaments; the steel wrought by master armourers to create a pretty appeal. Amalia also had such armour but rarely used it, she found it more for show than for actual use.

    She stood there, with her horse on the edge of a mire which looked eerie green. Amalia pulled up her nose. Am I on time? she wondered. She sighed. ”I am sorry horsie but I think I want something faster than you for travelling henceforth. Regardless if you were on time or not,” said Amalia as she patted the flank of the dappled horse. She decided to set up her camp at a nearby hill, which overlooked the wasteland as well as the meadows from which she had come. She considered to make a fire but found it ill-advised in such hostile territory. So she waited, for Ozwald to arrive or others.

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    In a Place Where Time has Vanished JBLh7iJ

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    In a Place Where Time has Vanished Empty Re: In a Place Where Time has Vanished

    Post by MoRueran on 20th November 2020, 9:55 pm

    The peculiar young man named MoRueran was nearing what looked to be a very desolate settlement. The red fighter came to be in the deserted town after receiving a letter from Cephallion Feyson, the surrogate caretaker, and merchant he traveled with prior to starting his life in Magnolia with Billi, the younger of the two Feyson brothers. It was a request from the maverick trader to retrieve something very important in a place called Morgate Town, a hidden cache of books and documents written that described a strange illness that induced heightened rage was hidden somewhere. He was rather fortunate that the Lucky 7 crew, who were like a second family to him, helped sail him to where he needed to be onboard their sea-hippo-themed ship.

    Much of the crew was sad to see him go, though they realized he had something he needed to do and gave him their best wishes, even Captain Benjamina wished him good luck. The cook Getsumei gave Mo a heaping bowl of stew, Dr. Angela gave the childlike oddball a bag of candy and ruffled his hair, and Jiyu gave a crabby comment reminding the boy not to go around taking random junk from strangers before telling the former cabin boy to stay alive so that they could meet again.

    With farewells and goodbyes out of the way, MoRueran ventured forth from where they parted ways, moving about in blurs of vanishing vermillion to cover as much distance as he could before taking rest breaks to recover his stamina. It was at this time he encountered a somewhat portly man with brown hair who seemed prepared enough for the journey he was on. Whether by fate or mere coincidence, the two were heading to the same place. "Many hellos I give to mister, yes." inclining his head in a bow of greeting, the wandering brawler looked at the palm of his hand, which appeared to have a squiggly line drawn on it. In actuality, it was a simplified guide of what directions he needed to take to reach the town from where he started.

    When they eventually do come upon Morgate, there was always a chance that they would encounter something... Or someone.  
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