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    Midnight Blues [Alia]

    Cross Waltz
    Cross Waltz

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    Midnight Blues [Alia] Empty Midnight Blues [Alia]

    Post by Cross Waltz on Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:44 am

    The night sky grew darker as the night grew older. Windows and street lamps glow alight one by one, reflected upon by nearby sea. The city was of great independence, completely detached even to its neighboring towns. Here, your guild meant nothing, it's a dog eat dog world where being a renowned mage meant little to nothing at all. All of which they care of was upholding their own rules, the set of laws they have established; and god forbid you break their laws.

    That said, he's completely clueless as to why they'd ever send job requests on such a place if they don't even respect and acknowledge guild presence in the first place. Though he'd suppose there were things they had to call outsider help for which they simply can't risk doing; like to investigate the alleged illegal trafficking rumored to occur along the more hidden areas of Lavanitir's docks at night which, incidentally, was exactly what he's there for. Word has it that a small trafficking ring had situated themselves within Lavanitir, a perfect place to import and export unmarked shipments being the port city that it is.

    Naturally, as per the anonymous request they have received from one of Lavanitir's concerned citizens, Cross remained on post till the fall of dusk. What's more irritating than waiting perhaps was the fact that he was only there for the purpose of investigation and not for the purpose of thwarting the smugglers. With where he stood, he was expected to return with him a mission report, detailing the movement and location of the suspected smugglers. Sure, he can do that, but he's more or less pissed for not being entrusted with the more physical task.

    The clock was closing midnight yet still no activity to be noteworthy of. He kept waiting, perhaps he was on the wrong spot then? Cross stood from his uncomfortable crouching position, emerging from his shadowy cover to look around and see if maybe he had simply miscalculated his positioning.

    "Ah, what the fuck." He murmured to himself in annoyance followed shortly with a click of his tongue.

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    Midnight Blues [Alia] Empty Re: Midnight Blues [Alia]

    Post by Aliannah on Wed Nov 11, 2020 8:10 pm


    Alyia didn't always feel bad about taking over the body of the young girl. But she especially didn't feel bad about it now. Most certainly because she knew that she was one step closer to her end goal.

    It was only some time ago that Alyia was there to see the death of the man who haunted her waking days. She dare not to speak his name as the man was known throughout the world as someone who had helped others, but to her he was the man that ruined her life and sent away her daughter to be raised by someone else. A daughter that should have never been born.

    A daughter that was soon to be dead.

    But nonetheless, the angel recalled the moment when she could feel the last remaining bits of his life essence being ripped from him. He could see the face of the woman that crushed his neck in her hands and kissed his lips, promising to take care of his kids, as to which Alyia could only hope that she too would hunt them down. Though, while Alyia would prefer to kill her own kin by her hand, restoring what should be, a dead person was a dead person no matter who killed them.

    There was grin across her face as the dark angel walked along the lit sidewalks of the port town. Why was she there? Simple, there was word of someone who possessed information of where one of her lineage was. It was not her daughter, no, her daughter was indeed in this town, however, one gets information before on kills the source. The blonde knew that her only child was a blabber mouth, she had obtained it from her father. But who knew it would come in handle to track down the rest of the family. Hera would talk about and brag of her children, their accomplishments and their current locations. However, it was also Hera that would need to go first as her daughter was one of the strongest in the family. Letting her live longer would allow her to train and prepare for an attack. That simple could not happen.

    Alyia was currently cloaked from head to toe, the black material covering her small body. It had been a while since she had been outside without a mask, however with Onyx Moon gone, there was really no need to hide her identity. Besides, her identity was different from that of Aliannah's. She never took her form unless it was absolutely necessary.

    The girl continued her walk, her magical signal silences. She seemed like a nonmagical human. It was good, tho it could get her into some sticky places is some one were to attack her thinking that she was defenseless. But it was always better to have someone underestimate you.

    Her footsteps were quiet on the wood of the port. She had come for information from one of the leader's of a smuggling group. It wasn't her preferred kind of informant, but she was going to do what she had to do.

    Stopping under a light the angel paused for a moment. There was no movement from people, it was silent as if there was no one there. However, the female knew better she could feel their life sources and their magic signatures throughout the dock. They were there but they were in hiding.

    But why?

    "I know you're there. Come out so that we can talk.You have information that I'm looking for."

    Her voice echoed throughout the space. Though who would answer she wasn't sure.

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