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    Break a Heart to Steal a Heart


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    Break a Heart to Steal a Heart Empty Break a Heart to Steal a Heart

    Post by Maddox 8th November 2020, 11:04 pm

    This job almost made Maddox squeal in delight. A jealous man asking to ruin the upcoming engagement of the woman he loves! Then steal her for himself! What a lovely story, it’s beautiful! Worthy of a villainous poem! Not that Maddox was a villain, no she was a cupid’s arrow in love in this occasion. A proxy for the stealing of hearts! And if that involved breaking a few hearts on the way, well, she was sure it would be better this way. After all, Maddox was the one doing the job.

    Gripping the job description in one hand Maddox stays in the shadows of Cedar, not wanting to draw attention to herself. While her aesthetic may be beautiful, it was also rather eye-catching in such a cheery place and people tended to remember her. Not the best when on your way to do some illegal dealings. Or in her case, stop a man from proposing in possibly an illegal way and break into a house to place some letters in a location convenient for young girls to read them.

    For this job, Maddox prepared a few items ahead of time, some sleeping powder in particular. Technically putting a man to sleep was not illegal. But kidnapping his unconscious body to put in the woods was. Her secret observations of the lover's routine confirmed what the client had told her; the man sleeps in and the girl comes over to make him breakfast. The man had planned on getting up early to make her breakfast, then propose. Instead, the girl will enter the house and find a letter detailing a correspondence with a secret another lover, and that her boy sent a message not to come over that morning to her so they could meet in secret in the woods out back the night before and be back for a late brunch with ‘the stupid chick I’m gonna marry so I can get rich and ditch for us dearest’. The message also conveniently hints at where the man keeps their ‘love letters’ with sad love letters well-planned in advance by her client to be very convincing. Maddox loved how prepared and devious her dear client was. The girl then can go after her probably now ex-boyfriend to find him passed out in a comfortable-looking lovers den in the first outback, the boy passed out with his zipper undone, an empty wine bottle nearby, discarded feminine underwear and some lipstick near his mouth. It was beautiful

    With a giggle, Maddox got up before dawn and set to work. Break into the boy's house, splash his sleeping face with sleeping powered so he stays in dream-land, plant all the letters, then haul his heavy body to the lover's den Maddox set up beforehand. Then to make sure everything went smoothly Maddox stuck around to watch the drama. Not at all for herself of course darling. For professional reasons only. No watching with squealing glee. By the time the rest of Cedar was done breakfast the girl had fled home with tears streaming down her face, the boy face planting with his pants at his ankles back near the forest after trying to follow her. Supposedly her client was going to write a follow-up letter from the ‘secret lover’ to the girl to solidify everything, but Maddox wouldn’t be around to see that. Her job here was done.

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