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    Kyra meets Kyra (social w/ Kyra Velkhomme)

    Kyra Forte
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    Kyra meets Kyra (social w/ Kyra Velkhomme) Empty Kyra meets Kyra (social w/ Kyra Velkhomme)

    Post by Kyra Forte 7th November 2020, 1:17 pm


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    Shirotsume had always been a beautiful town. Located at the very base of Mt. Hakobe, it was the home of many wealthy aristocrats and even more students courtesy of the famous W.W. Shirotsume High School that was housed there. It was because of this school that Kyra was here today, in more ways than one. She had been one of the youngest students to ever graduate from the high school and was considered one of its most respected alumni. It also happened to be requiring assistance in a case over a missing student.

    It wasn't until Kyra had gotten there that she was given more information on the case, and the news hit her like a freight train; the missing student was none other than Nozaki Toriyaki, a girl she had grown up and studied with for the better part of sixteen years. They had been friends for most of that time before certain incidents and misdemeanours had led to Nozaki breaking their friendship and their trust. Indeed, all of this information was enough for Kyra to know full well that she couldn't take the case. It was too personal. Nonetheless she noted the details and had done a sweep of the town in case Nozaki had simply decided to wander off. The girl was a psycho so Kyra wouldn't have put it past her to be doing something outlandish.

    Her sweep had achieved nothing but to bring up more questions though, as the small amount of evidence she had collected was borderline useless. Nozaki had been out with friends - Kyra was surprised that she still had any left - and had met another group of people that she had apparently clicked with, and had wandered off with them. No-one else had known who they were, so the trail was basically a dead end unless someone was recognised off of the street sometime during the investigation. But it wasn't an investigation Kyra would be heading up.

    She was due to head back to the HQ soon to give her report and inevitably pass the case on to another Rune Knight. But being back in this town after a year or so away had given her a severe case of nostalgia, and so she found herself wandering the streets of the town herself, albeit being especially cautious of the people around her in light of her findings. Deciding familiarity was the safest option, she headed down a narrow and somewhat busy street towards a noodle bar - her favourite one from her time as a student.



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