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    Ethernano enhanced


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    In Progress Ethernano enhanced

    Post by Smrt on 2nd November 2020, 8:21 am

    Lineage Name: Ethernano enhanced
    Wielder: Smrt
    Purchase Proof: Link

    (Lore here)


    • Multiple Second Origins: Due to having multiple artificially inserted origins into his body Smrt's ethernano is abnormal.
      Increasing his MP by 90% (scales to 120% at S rank), spell damage by 45% (scales to 60% at S rank) and giving him constant regeneration of MP of 5% per post (4 effects)

    • Altered body: Due to all the operations done to him his body became stronger, but slower increasing his strength and HP by 45% (scales to 60% at S rank) and decreasing speed by 45% (scales to 60% at S rank). His body is unable to be healed by outside magic, and such magic only has an opposite effect causing him harm, but it can repair itself, giving him HP regeneration of 5% per post.
      (3-2 = 1 effect)

    • Imposing build: Due to Smrt's imposing build, job givers have a tendency to pay him more. This grants him a 100% jewel bonus as well as a custom piece of equipment equal to the rank of the job that was completed. Equipment earned this way cannot be sold or refunded to any shop or any other player. Equipment earned this way can, however, be freely traded among the player's own characters. (2 effects)

    • Prehistoric magic: Due to his body being trained and refined using lost magic so ancient that to most people it does not look like magic, Smrt gains signature spells that rank to A, one for each of his magics. (1 effect)


    • Broken mind: After being tortured, tested on, seeing his family dying and finally dying himself Smrt's mind is lost and fully broken. He is far from sane, but he manages to keep himself together. This has an added benefit of being exceedingly hard to mind control.

    • Four horsemen: Due to his mind and altered ethernano state there are effects he calls the Four horsemen:

      1. Conquest: Smrt's ethernano is so enlarged that it feels like he is more powerful than he really is. Anyone who tries to check his ethernano level will think it is one level higher than it  really is. (C⇾B, B⇾A, A⇾S ...). This can be use intentionally to scare people into submission.
      2. Pestilence: Due to his altered and unstable body, poisons mostly don't work on him as intended. He can drink and eat as much of poisonous stuff as he likes without suffering any ill effect that could impair him, but he can suffer poison damage. e.g. He can drink all the alcohol in the world without getting drunk, but he would die from liver damage.
      3. War: Due to his big body and his emanating ethernano, allies around him and, he himself have a huge boost in confidence while in a fight be it to death or a friendly scuffle. The boost can sometime take things too far.
      4. Death: Smrt can seem immortal, in the most disturbing way possible. When he is injured, his magic origins force his body back together using ethernano threads. This is an automated crude process which always leaves him with scars.


    Ethernano enhanced  Smrt_sign


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