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    Bomb Threat

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Bomb Threat Empty Bomb Threat

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 2nd November 2020, 2:43 am


    This time it was motor city, Teresa found herself in. Luckily this was the first time she was actually given a proper mission. Of course she did not mind the occasional easy mission and she did understand it was impossible to get tough missions right at the start. Oh she had been free to choose any mission she wanted. Yet only within the D ranked class and now she had finally moved on. Apparently by doing the other jobs she had proven her worth and was now allowed to move forward. There had not been a lot to do since she had last taken a job, but now she was running out of credits rather quickly. To the point where the bartender had even threatened to cut her off. Naturally that had been the last straw and Teresa had finally decided to take another job again.

    She had stood in front of the job board for quite a while and finally found something that seemed suitable for her. It was a B class mission and there was something about stopping explosions in the city. Now normally this did not really bother Teresa, but in this case it was more what was said. There was something about not being able to catch the thieves because they used magic. Now as luck had it, this happened to be Teresa’s specialty. If they were really using magic to ignite the explosions, she could probably just somewhere inside the city and keep track of the magic flow. Not only could this turn out to be an easy job, it would also function as a good training for what was to come.

    Even she could not have predicted how this entire day would turn out. She was full off hope when she pulled off the job offer from the board and went towards Motor City.

    It was quite a long journey. She did enjoy the travel there though. Or she would have if her custom bike had already arrived. Well she did have one way to keep moving, but she knew the tigress was not going to like it. “Hey nix, you care to give me a ride? I will pay you in prime steak when we get there.” She said, using her magic to establish the connection to the white tigress. “Hmmm one day I am going to eat you… but sure. I actually could use the movement I think.” Nixalba answered lazily after a while and Teresa got the distinct impression she just woke up the tigress.

    A few minutes later the Tigress appeared with a poof of smoke in Teresa’s room. After a quick cuddle and a belly scratch, Teresa fed the tiger some of her meat. After they had catched up and smoked a few cigarettes together, the two of them were ready to move off. Using a bit of her magic, Teresa allowed the Tigress to double in size, making her extremely comfortable. With a little jump she landed on the tigress soft back and instantly she enjoyed how nice she smelled and softly she felt.

    With that they were off.


    Teresa groaned as she she slammed through several buildings and landed next to the big cat. Both were beaten down pretty hard already, but they were finally wearing down the enemy. “So I guess we are almost through it’s shields. Do you think you could tear down that big hose if I disable it for moment?” Teresa asked, coughing up some curiously black looking blood. “Yeah sure, no problem guv!” Nixalba answered as she spit out a tooth. It was one of her canine fangs, covered in her blood. She did not seem to care about it much though, as it would regenerate after a while in her spirit realm.

    Teresa did not even bother to respond. She simply nodded and than forced herself to get back up. A jolt of pain shot through her, especially her side and she saw to her disgust a small metal rod sticking from her side. It was lodged in there pretty well and it took a bit of wiggling to even get it free. The moment it came undone a bit of blood squirted out, followed by a steady stream of thick red blood. “Hey Blondie, I think you sprung a leak. Who do you think you are, impersonating a bottle of whiskey.” Nixalba said with a wicked grin, making fun of her mistress. “Oh shut it your fur-ball. I count at least nine wounds on you. If I look like a bottle, you resemble a piece of swiss cheese!” The silver eyed witch quipped back as she placed her hand on her side. She felt the warm blood seep through her fingers, an all too familiar feeling by now, as she gathered some magic from her surroundings and placed a temporarily magic bandage. For a while it would not leak at least.

    “There you go. Now get ready Nixalba.” Teresa said with a faint smile as she stood up and walked through the rubble of the building they had crashed into. Oh gods… the guild is gonna eat my hide for this one! She suddenly thought as she automatically cringed. Still there was very little left to do right now and for now all she could do was continue. Not only to beat this opponent, but to safe motor city as well.

    During their investigation Nixalba and Teresa had discovered that all the bombings were part of a master plan to clear old magical nodes. Apparently hundreds of years ago a, now long dissolved guild, had begun construction of the a humongous golem. It was so big that during the construction it slowly began to sink into the very earth due to it’s weight. When the guild was defeated, the golem had slowly been overgrown and over the centuries it was completely forgotten. Until someone saw the heaps of tools and precious metals lying around and began a workshop. That workshop grew into a small industrial area and then into motor city. Now however some kind of group had discovered the origins of the golem and intended to resurrect it. Not out of evil grounds mind you, but more out of curiosity. They wanted to see the tech of the ancients and the fact that it could destroy the city if something went wrong… Teresa gave them the benefit of the doubt and believed they had not considered it. By blowing up the buildings they had already did, they were trying to uncover the recharging points of the golem.

    Of course at this rate, recharging it to even get a viable pulse in the golem was going to take more then a hundred and thirty years. Which was why there was an entire list of points they had been targeting. So far they had only blown up tertiary spots, that were abandoned. During their combat they had accidentally destroy tw-no wait including this building, three more. However it seemed like the people doing this had grown tired of waiting and decided secondary spots might be needed if they wanted to finish charging this thing this millennium.

    Sadly the next target was a huge machine shop, with an apartment building above it. The group had already evacuated the civilians and were waiting for nightfall so the shop could recuperate as much of it’s assets as they could. Teresa really did not believe this group was evil… however she was charged with stopping them and she could not agree with them destroying the entire city. Even if they were civilized about it.

    She used to order her motor cycles here after all.

    There was something intriguing about the Golem though. She remembered how six hundred years ago these mega sized golems were all the hype and every country and province worth it’s lick of salt was building them. If she recalled though not a lot where ever finished. People’s attention seemed to wander too quickly and building for over a century was too much for most. At Pentagrurs court though she had read reports that Fiore was actually making rapid progress and might be their biggest threat in the end. Maybe she could convince the mayor later to keep charging the golem, without destroying the city. She could afford to wait a few centuries after all.

    She would just have to write it down somewhere, so she would not forget she was charging it after a hundred years.

    “Okay Nixalba, I am going to pour all my power into this final slash.” Teresa said as she finally reached the claymore lying in the corner of the rubble. “Ryuo Busoshoku!” She said as she drew it up and drew it behind her. Blackness covered the entire sword and energy radiated from it. At the moment this was her best attack, but it should be enough. The oponents shields were already wavering and this should overload them completely. Veins popped up all over her arm as she pushed all the energy she had left into it. She could feel her shoulder crack from the pressure, but she bit through the pain. “Moonfang shaddow!” She said as she swung her sword, releasing a black flash of energy from the tip of her sword, like a reversed half moon.

    It collided with a crash into the shield, struggled for a moment and then broke straight through it. As Teresa collapsed due to exhaustion, Nixalba jumped into action. Literally. She only had one chance at this, or the shield would recover. Luckily the tigress never played around. Even broken and battered she jumped with a speed and accuracy that surprised the man in the giant robot. As she jumped past him, she sunk her teeth into the big hose sticking out of the back and used her weight to tear it off as she was moving past it.

    A moment later the three hundred pound tigress crashed down onto the earth and through another empty store front. Or at least Teresa hoped it was abandoned.

    Both of them were down, but at least it had worked as a moment later the giant robot exploded. Luckily the driver had managed to escape in time, but with it’s main coolant ripped off, the engine had overheated and it took the bot with it. Now all Teresa had to do was contact the police and do a little clean-up.


    With the final events handled and the police taking care of everything else, Teresa sank down for a moment. With groan she pulled out a cigar from her pocket and lit it with the tip of her finger.‘Sheesh I am really tired.’ She thought to herself, yet this time it was not a sigh of defeat. It was a sigh of satisfaction as it felt like she was slowly breaking through her own limits again. She was definitely stronger then before and the way she could gather energy was… well not so much the way as much as her range. Once she really concentrated she could almost double her area all the way up to the edge of the city.

    If this kept up she would soon be capable of competing with the top wizards in the guild. Oh it would be a long way from being a wizard saint as she was once called, but bit by bit, the magic she had lost due to age was coming back to her.

    With a sigh she inhaled deeply and blew a big cloud of white smoke into the air. “So what do you think Nixalba? Are you also feeling more alive?” She asked to the white tigress who had sunk down onto the floor next to her. “Only if you share one of those cigars with me.” The white tigress answers with a sly smile as she vanished in a poof of white smoke and appeared in her more humanoid form. She was still bleeding heavily from her right shoulder, even more visible now her fur was shorter, but she did not seem to care. Just like her friend, the white Tigress was as badass as they came and a tiny wound like that could not even slow her down.

    Wounded, bleeding and exhausted the two females from different realms sat there for a while. Just enjoying the peace and quite, no need to actually talk. They were just happy to be alive and together.

    “Ah… well I guess my time is almost up. Remember, it will take me a few weeks to properly heal this time.” Nixalba said softly as the half burned cigar fell through her dissolving hand. The hardened tigress not showing any emotion as her body was being pulled back to her own dimension. “Yeah ok. Just take it easy. I will see you around.” Teresa said calmly, barely tilting her head to Nixalba. A faint smile was playing around her lips, but nothing more. She knew how much the tigress hated getting emotional and always pretended to be hard as steel anyway. Doing anymore then she did now would probably only result in her getting bitten in the shins next time she went to bed.

    With a poof Nixalba vanished and the half burned cigar fall onto the pavement, bounced twice and than slowly rolled into the gutter.

    Sighing deeply Teresa flicked her cigar away as well and pushed herself off the cold floor. “Seriously you big fur ball, you need to learn to be less dramatic.” She said with a grin to herself, cracking her shoulders by stretching both arms behind her back. “I heard that and it will cost you.” The growling voice from Nixalba suddenly came from out of nowhere and Teresa was honestly not sure whether the tigress was kidding or not. “Just… aight…” She said, simply too tired and in too much pain to really respond.

    Her left shoulder was broken, pelvis crushed, several ribs cracked, solar plexus shattered… had it not been for her immortal body she would probably not have been able to stand. Even as she was standing there, she could already feel her body slowly beginning to repair the damage.

    Never as quickly as she liked though and she knew that at least for several days everything was going to be painful. Even breathing and that was just from the bruises all over her body. With a bit of effort she managed to get one of the policeman to give her a ride to the guild and drop her off at her HQ. Gathering her remaining strength she had she pulled out a black cigarette from the package in her breast pocket and lit it. Trying to look as cool and steady as she possibly could, she walked into the guild. Managing to put a faint smile on her face, she walked past the front desk, dropped the completed job request in the in basket and then casually sauntered towards the apartments.

    As soon as she had left the main hall though and turned the corner, she groaned and grasped her side. Even through her body suit she felt the stickiness and she felt how her left boot was slowly filling up with blood. “Well I guess this as good a time as any to finish the discworld series. Seems I will not be moving much anyway the next few days.” She mumbled with a grin as she clumsily managed to unlock the door to her room and almost fall forwards into it.

    With just the dredges of her reserve power remaining, she managed to take two steps inside, close the door behind her and then everything started turning. A wave of nausea washed over her and the world was slowly starting to grow dimmer. She barely made it the three steps towards her bed and just let herself fall forwards into it. Not even bothering to take off her shoes or clothing. For one she did not have the strength and secondly even if she did, all it would have done was spread the blood everywhere. “Well I guess this will have to do for now…” She mumbled as she passed out, lying face down on her bed.

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