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    Light Chains

    Noah Alston
    Noah Alston

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    Light Chains Empty Light Chains

    Post by Noah Alston 25th October 2020, 4:08 am

    Name: Light Chains
    Grade: Weak
    Type: Weapon
    Description: A pair of metallic rope darts. These are two kunai which are fastened to hardened chains; The two chains are kept separate and so each weapon can be used alone or together. The chains were intended to be used to restrain or capture, while still offering a decent mid-close range option of combat. Noah tends to use them by wrapping them around his arms and adjusting for length as necessary.

    Judgement Chain:

    Rank: D
    Category: Auxiliary
    Range: 60 Meters
    Speed: 60 M/s
    Duration: 1
    Description: At a command word in his home language, one or both of the chains come to life and moves towards the opponent. If it hits the chain wraps around them, immobilizing them for one round.

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