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    The Rarest Flower


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    The Rarest Flower Empty The Rarest Flower

    Post by Lyretich 24th October 2020, 2:20 pm

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The Spooky Forest was not exactly the place Lyretich wanted to end up in, but well here he was. Standing still, while observing his surroundings, why the hell is that plant in this kind of place?! How did humans even come to the conclusion to use this kind of plant in medicine, I cannot even imagine the situation. Someone was taking a stroll in this "wonderful" area and saw a flower blooming and was like, yes this is it! A rain of inner monologue flowed inside the now quite uncomfortable young males head, as he kept, very slowly, making his way to the place that was marked on the map, he had received upon agreeing to this job.

    All his trouble began in that creepy medical shop, that was located who knows on which street in Magnolia. Now Lyre understood, why workers did not want to accept this job for the meager 5k jewels that the head pharmacist was offering to them. No sane human would want to step inside here, especially if one wasn't a mage.

    As he was making his way deeper and deeper into the forest, Lyre could feel an intense gaze upon him lurking in the shadows of the dark green bushes. The boy decided to call upon his companion, he was confident, whatever was following him, he could deal with it, but he just didn't want to explore this place alone, if one was, to be honest. As always Wen Yan responded to his call "Lyre, I feel something closing in on us," it said thru telepathy, as the young boy moved his head in a small nod, barely detectable.

    And who could have guessed, three malnourished looking goblins had jumped out from their hideouts, obviously trying to rob the young traveler, but what their small brains did not count in was that this fragile-looking boy was a mage. With the help of his partial take-over spell, Lyretich turned both of his arms into that of a red-scaled dragon, launching at his enemies, "just keep a lookout so no other enemies appear," Lyre ordered his companion, as the goblins were so weak, that even the basic hand-to-hand combat took them out in a few hits, asserting this the boy felt no need for his combat-pet to get involved.

    "That took care of them," the feeling of lurking gazes disappeared, so indeed it was those three, he thought to himself as he tied them up, under some random tree, preventing them from moving in case they were faking their deaths. Without looking back, he reached his destination and picked up the flower that made him come all the way to this forgotten place.

    "Here is the flower," he reached for the small bag that contained the item of the day. Lyre tried to be as polite as possible when finishing his job, as he still had his reputation as a model and a representative of his guild - Meliora Vitae. "Thank you," the elder thanked the young boy, and promised that the shop would definitely use their service again if the need arises. Please don't!

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