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    Private Vines?!

    Post by Lyretich 23rd October 2020, 12:54 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    Everything started yesterday, as Lyre had been called to Dagda's office, for the official exam to advance to B-Rank. The guild master had explained that there was some trouble in the jungles of Joya, and the cat-like people of one of the villages had requested help, this request seemed a reasonable enough trial for someone who was to advance to a higher rank, as such Lyretich was entrusted with this mission, "I understood, I will do my best!" a spark lit up inside of Lyre, as he was finally making progress in his career, even if a small one, plus he had never been to the nation of Joya, thought he had seen cat folks here and there in Fiore, but there were small in numbers, the young boy could not wait until tomorrow, as he had already booked a train ride to Joya and his trusty iLac had given him enough theoretical knowladge about the place, thruought the evening. Before going to bed, he had decided on his looks for the next day, packed his backpack and locked the excitment inside of him, as his heavy eyelids closed on the soft pillow under his head.

    Joya's weather was humid and hot, even though it was the early morning, indeed it was worthy of being a tropic place was the first thing that came to Lyretich's mind as soon as he had landed his foot on the grounds of this amazing jungle nation. Luckily, once again he did a good job of chooses an appropriate outfit for the day. A simple, light-colored T-shirt, paired with shorts and some sneakers, and of course light-colored cap, even though the abundant amount of jungle trees is creating a huge shadow over the area, nevertheless by the weather report that Lyretoch had looked up the previous day, the temperature can go up pretty high, so it is the best choice for visitors to dress lightly and in light colors, as the cat-like folks had adapted to the climate here, and this kind of thing did not really affect them much.

    Looking right and left, Lyre tried to spot his guide. The village which requested the help was located in some remote area and the only way to get there was with the help of a local guide. After a few minutes of trying to spot the guide and few times of getting distracted, as the Joya boys were quite an interesting sight for the young homosexual male, Lyre finally spotted the brown-haired and earned, from the looks of a middle-aged man, who was hectically waving the sign with a big smile on his lips as he locked his feline-like eyes with Lyre's warm intrigued orbs, "Hello, you must be Lyretich from Meliora Vitae, right?" Lyre returned the smile with a smile of his own, "That's right. It's nice to meet you, I hope I can be of help. My guild master gave me a brief description of what happened, but by any chance do you know exactly which plant is causing this, as the request form you sent us didn't really mention that?" he took a small pause, as they made their away to the bus like transportation, that carried them to a jungle road, which Lyretich assumed was the way to the village. "Yes, we have an idea, but we have no mages that use fire magic, so we cannot eradicate the nasty parasite," the man pointed in a direction, which had a vined like a cage that seemed to protect something inside of it.

    That was not the only strange thing, the houses were exactly what Dagda had mentioned, they were covered in vines so strong, that a normal person could not be able to deal with, and by the words of the villagers that the adolescent talked to, even if they did destroy them, the vines regrew stronger. Lyretich concluded that simply cutting off the vines was not the way, most probably the best way was to burn down the plant completely, the problem was getting to it, as it was protecting itself.

    After some pondering, Lyretich decided to ask for the help of local strongmen. They would cut thru the vines, while Lyretich's small frame would slip inside the cage and from there try to deal with the mastermind behind this horrible situation. The timing was everything for this operation because if they did not succeed for the first time, every next attempt would b harder to do and the time frame would decrease, as the plant regrows itself. "Okay, I am ready!" the male signaled for the man to start making a small path for him. Unfortunately, the first attempt was not successful, nevertheless with the teamwork of everyone, somehow they did it on the third attempt, and Lyre was not faced to face with the weird plant.

    So you are responsible for all of this. The plant looked quite innocent, one could even say cute, so Lyretich was taken aback a bit, you never know what can cause problems. Upon activating his magic, a few magic circles appeared before Wen Yan was materialized into the living realm, "Let's do this! I am sure you know what to do," the boy gave a slightly arrogant smirk to his dragon companion, as it released its Fire Breath upon the green plant. As the space was quite small, the dragon did its best to control the extent of its flame, little by little the plant was starting to melt until a seed of some sort appeared, as the young mage pulled the strange seed from the ground, in an instant, all the vines collapsed, without any warning of some sort. "Eh," was the only sound that he had utter before, the thankful villagers run to him, indeed the population had increased as those that were trapped inside the houses came out.

    "I think you should be careful with this seed, and not let it touch the ground," Lyretich made his assumptions, as he gave the seed back to the village elder, as he was parting his ways and heading back to the capital of Joya, to enjoy a few more relaxing days here, before heading back to his guild's headquarters and reporting the mission back.

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