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    War of Serenity

    Tsubasa Kageyama
    Tsubasa Kageyama

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    War of Serenity Empty War of Serenity

    Post by Tsubasa Kageyama on 22nd October 2020, 8:08 am

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    "It's called the moss troll problem," Tsubasa said. Before him was a large saucepan, within which a mixture of sugar and various other things were heating up and turning brown. He wore an apron that said 'Chef 2.0' and seemed to be watching the saucepan carefully.

    He'd started cooking after a short break from doing really anything. Tsubasa had become a stronger mage than he had ever anticipated much more quickly than he had thought possible, thanks largely to the tutelage of people like Miss Mercury and his occasional run-ins with the hot people, Lady Serilda and Mister Mythal. It took him some time to come to terms with that and think about his responsibility that would come with the rapid rise in rank, relative to his position upon entering the guild. It would come with more responsibility, even if he never became an ace like Miss Mercury. He shook his head of the thought and brought himself back to the here and now.

    On top of the refrigerator just behind him, Ahab sat listening to him talk. He was also pressing buttons on a game system. The fact that it was roughly half his size made the erratic movements especially hilarious. "What's wrong with moss trolls?" He asked.

    "Well nothing by themselves," He continued, "But imagine you're writing a fantasy book. You add moss trolls to the book. Now, because of that, the world of your book has moss. Because otherwise where did the moss trolls get their names?"

    Ahab shifted position and started using one of his legs to move a control stick, "What kind of place doesn't have moss?"

    "A place that can't have moss trolls, I guess." Tsubasa shrugged, "I'm not sure where it came from I just know it makes it easy to fall down rabbit holes when you're creating things. You gotta rewind all the way to the beginning of the thing that you made. So like, you use a bicycle in your story. Someone might be asking about where that bicycle came from. Who made the concept of a bicycle?"

    "Who cares. Some guy." Ahab said, "The real question is who made this stupid game which is dumb and I hate it." He pounded on the game system which did practically nothing, as his tiny fists weren't strong enough to damage it.

    "Come on dude don't break my stuff," Tsu said nonchalantly. He reached into the fridge to pull out a cold glass of water he'd prepared for this exact act. He set it next to the saucepan and poured a small amount of the brownish sauce into the cold water.

    "I hate people who focus on things like that in a story anyway," Ahab said, restarting the game in the middle of a battle, like a champ. "Like, you're really looking for accuracy in this world where people have no magic but like, all kinds of gears on their hats instead?" He grumbled  "What are you making anyway?"

    "Taffy," Tsubasa said, balling up the sugar in the water, to ensure it was the correct temperature to continue the next step. His voice was quieter now as he began to focus more intently on his task. Soon he would grow silent with concentration and forget that he was mid-conversation. "I'm gonna make it a bunch of fun colors. I'll call it Laughy Taffy."


    "I still don't understand why you brought me this," Said one of the clerks. He wore thick glasses and in previous interactions, he'd had a very strong attitude that seemed to heavily imply that he would be better off being anywhere except where he was. He had something more important to do and it wasn't this. Yet at this moment, he was enjoying a piece of Tsubasa's taffy with a heavily softened expression. Hours had passed and the young man had gone specifically to find this guild clerk, as he had some rough patches in the past with him.

    "Come on, man, my squirrel messed up your glasses and you ignored me lying there dying. We've both made mistakes. Eat the taffy." Tsubasa replaced the lid on the box and slid it under his arm.

    "Well, yes, thank you," The clerk said. There was a heavily awkward silence that hung in the air before the clerk procured a letter. "It's fortunate that you found me at any rate, because this is for you," He passed a small orange envelope to Tsubasa, which the young man quickly opened up. There was a tonal shift in their attitude as the clerk summarized the letter for Tsubasa. Tsu had a reading difficulty that he was not proud of at all, and it seemed this clerk had picked up on it. Now, unlike previous occasions, he seemed more willing to lend a hand.

    "It's a request for help keeping two disagreeing gangs from becoming a full on turf war." The clerk explained, "They've asked for a talented mage and it's been passed on to you. Apparently there will be a small coalition of mages from different guilds, so you won't be alone, but this one could become a serious problem if all of you aren't careful." After a moment he added, "It's a big responsibility. Someone must think you're ready for it."

    Tsubasa blinked at the paper. He was reading it and taking in what the clerk was saying at the same time. The two were matching up appropriately, assuring the young man that he wasn't being mocked or tricked. He closed his eyes and shook his head slightly, as though trying to get his thoughts correct. This was exactly what he had been thinking about previously, and it seemed the perfect opportunity for him to decide whether he was ready for higher ranked missions or not.

    Less than ten minutes later, he and Ahab were riding the Mach 15 on their way to the location indicated on the letter, a small valley tucked away just south of the area of dispute, the ironically named Serene Cliff.


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    Nathaniel Stratford
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    War of Serenity Empty Re: War of Serenity

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford on 23rd October 2020, 4:24 am

    Inside the guild hall he lived in, Nat dashed through the corridors, picking things up left and right. He had been chosen to partake in a war between bandits. Now he honestly didn't pay any attention to the full details of the mission in question. Once he had heard Bandit and War, he was quick to jump into gathering materials for a bloodbath. His last stop would be his room where a newly polished Dies Irae armor uniform was placed meticulously upon an armor rack. The straps and buckles were quickly undone and was on the crusader almost instantly. Weapons, rations, maps, all of it packed and ready. And, as quickly as he had came in his room, he bolted out once more. Only to be stopped by the same person who had handed him his assignment. The person had explained that he is not to join them in battle, but to only negotiate peace between them. In shock, he dropped all his things to the floor. Loud clanks and clangs echoed as metal hit stone. "Are you sure you got the right man for the job? I mean, you do know what I'm all about, right?" he said.

    Apparently the person who assigned him to this mission was fully aware of who Nat is and what he's all about. He was also aware that Nat had been the one to settle a sensitive case that involved the international relations. And that from what he has heard, Nat has been good at keeping his temper and blade in check. With a sigh, he reluctantly accepted the papers that had the details of the mission and walked his way out with a pout on his face right after he picked the stuff up that he dropped.

    Serene cliff was to be the destination of the little get away. He was also been made aware of the presence of company in this 'diplomatic mission'. Reading the word made the crusader scoff. The only real diplomacy to be carried to a bunch of evil-doers was at the tip of his sword, but God help him if he messed up and get another beating from his superiors. He was travelling via a carriage he had hitched on. It was conveniently heading to the valley. Though slow, it beat having to walk all the way over there. Transportation wasn't exactly in his list of priorities to have, especially since money is still tight. The bakeshop's income is steady but it's only enough to afford smaller things for now. He'd imagine that whoever is with him on this assignment would already be there.

    Hours passed and he had arrived at the Serene Cliff. Already, he could see someone else in the place, and so he approached them and asked "Are you also here for the commotion caused by bandits?" while showing the paper.

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    War of Serenity Empty Re: War of Serenity

    Post by Dagda on 22nd November 2020, 6:47 pm

    War of Serenity OgDLJYY

    Sunlight shone through the large windows that occupied every wall of the S.S. Endeavor’s command center. It gave a golden glow that bounced off the walls and bathed the various eclectic potted plants with the nutritious beams they craved. Dagda could feel it starting to warm his feet, which rested on the table in front of him as he lounged back in a desk chair. It was quite early in the day and the ship that housed Meliora Vitae was mostly quiet. The titanous man didn’t mind, he was a morning person and enjoyed the quiet.

    Pulling a box from the table, he began to sort through the guild’s mail, which he had picked up just the day before from where it got collected in Crocus. Back home they sent written letters, but advertisements and junk mail were something he’d had to get used to quickly.

    “What a waste,” he grumbled as he tossed yet another clothing store ad in a nearby trash can. Finding real mail was like sifting for gemstones. Between sips of coffee, he had been able to set aside the real job offers and mail. At the top of the pile was a bright orange envelope that he peeled open curiously. The vibrant color was almost too much to look at. Inside was a request for assistance from the Magic Council, which he scanned quickly. Apparently two gangs were about to go to war at a place called Serene Cliff. The irony was not lost on Dagda, who let out a huff of amusement.

    None of the other requests seemed as interesting, so he decided to go check out the first one. He pinned the excess up for the rest of the guild to pick from for the day, then set about getting prepared. Dagda knew how to pack light, and since he didn’t use physical weapons to fight, he was ready in just a few minutes. On his way down from the command center, he paused. Maybe I should take someone from the guild with me, he thought. He could certainly handle himself if it came to battle, but it might be a good opportunity to work with a guild member. Meliora Vitae was still very new and he hadn’t had the chance to get to know everyone well.

    All the options ran through his head as he took the elevator down to the second floor. Percy was his go-to, but the young man was still recovering from his injuries. No, he would pick someone else. Tabitha? No, she didn’t seem like a morning person. Fitz also didn’t seem like the right choice. He paused by a dorm door. It was Lethe’s room. From what he had seen, she seemed to be an intelligent, albeit mysterious, woman. Perhaps she would be a good choice to help with negotiations between the gangs.

    Raising his fist, he gave the door a few gentle raps. “Lethe? It’s Dagda, sorry if I woke you. I’m heading out on an assignment, would you like to come with?” He hoped his voice didn’t wake anyone else in nearby rooms.

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