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    To Earthland and Beyond

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 21st October 2020, 2:20 pm

    With a sigh Teresa took her place in the line that had formed before the city hall of Rose Garden. She had been informed recently that nowadays she apparently needed a passport to travel across certain borders. In the past she had always simply crossed, but then again she had never really followed the official paths. Mostly she had just bribed people to stow away or cross borders by walking over them. However it had been made abundantly clear to her that was no longer allowed since she was part of the guild. She officially represented the Silver Wolf guilt and it would look bad upon the guilt if she was found illegally crossing borders and possibly start a border incident.

    It was even worse then she had already thought. Outside were at least two hundred people waiting in line and to the side of the line opportunistic salesmen had put food stands. Which was never a positive sign that the line was moving very fast.

    Luckily Teresa had come prepared. Her hip flask was always full with spirits to keep her in a good mood and from her spatial bag she pulled out a massive tome she was reading. No matter how long it was going to take, she swore to at least try and keep her good mood.

    “Hi I would like to request a passport.” She said friendly as she was finally summoned to the desk.
    “Ok. For which reason would you require a passport?” She old lady, smelling like at least six cats, asked without looking up.
    “I need one for work. As a C class mage of the Silver Wolf guild, my work sometimes requires me to travel to another country.” Teresa said with a smile as she pulled the documentation from her spatial purse.
    “Ok. That looks good. Now can I please see the tattoo? Due to a recent string of paper forgeries I am now required to ask for your tattoo.” The old lady explained, still without showing any emotion. It was like listening to a tape recorder. Though perhaps that was understandable if that was all she did every single day.
    “Ok no problem. Here.” Teresa said with a smile as she turned around, moved her hair out of the way and showed the tattoo in the back of her neck
    “Hmmm I guess. Though I would recommend getting it redone at some point. It looks like it is beginning to fade.” The lady said after studying it a bit before nodding and stamping a document in front of her. “Here. Now you can go to the desk upstairs, show this document and pay five hundred jewels for your new passport.” She continued as she handed Teresa the document.
    “Ah thank you.” Teresa said friendly, still smiling, despite the fact that she cursed silently.

    As she walked upstairs she started thinking about how long she had been part of the guild. It had not been that long and if the tattoo was already fading… that was not a good sign. Well at least she was getting a passport.

    With a satisfied feeling she opened the door, convinced to find an empty room. Considering how long it took to get through the line, she had thought picking up the passport would be quicker.

    Oh how wrong she was.

    Inside the room at least three hundred people were waiting and there was only one desk, occupied by two persons, working slower then a bunch of sloths. “Oh well, at least it will give me time to finish my book.” She said with a grimass as she pulled the thick tome out of her spatial bag. As she sat down she placed the heavy book in her lap and reached for her hip flask.

    Well at least I won’t get bored. She thought as she tasted th strong spirits in her mouth, clacked with her tongue and opened the book.

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