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    A Summoner's Reading (Private, Gaia)

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    A Summoner's Reading (Private, Gaia) Empty A Summoner's Reading (Private, Gaia)

    Post by Samira Nassar 20th October 2020, 8:02 am

    "The Ace of Spades," Samira muttered to herself as she walked into the city. She wasn't a part of the guild back when it was the true center of the guild hall, and she certainly wasn't around for the destruction that had occurred some time ago. The city thrived though, having been rebuilt after all of that chaos, and even though the guild hall wasn't located there anymore it still had very strong ties to the guild whose members protected it. The city was still an impressive sight every time Samira saw it... which admittedly was one, perhaps two times. The Ace of Spades wasn't exactly a frequent spot that the summoner visited, even if she were a part of the esteemed guild whose history was significantly intertwined with that of the city's. So, what could have made her decide to take the day and make such a rare stop? The answer was simple. Cards.

    Not typical cards, of course. The cards in mind were of a different sort. It was only in a recent encounter that she was reminded of a past incident involving tarot cards. Samira knew very little about them and what they represented. One of her spirits had given his knowledge on them, but it was information she didn't particularly trust to be accurate. The avatars of those cards had also given explanations, but the whole experience was confusing. Complex. Much too intricate for one simple interpretation. She had planned before to get another opinion. Someone that she had heard was much more experienced with those sorts of cards and their fateful meanings. Granted, those plans had long been delayed significantly, but no more. Getting a reading and gaining some knowledge about the subject had been bumped up to the top of the priority list. So just who did she have in mind?

    'Gaia Sabin Dyer? That modeling girlie? Woooo. I do like her style. Did you see her in all of those Sorcerer's Magazine issues? I almost feel sad that she's the married one.'

    'A decent and talented girl like that would not be interested in you regardless of her relationship status. You should be grateful to be spared the embarrassment of being rejected.'

    "Please refrain from sharing those sorts of thoughts with me. I find them to be disturbing. But, yes. If the sorcerer's magazine is enough to go by she does do modeling. I would prefer to acknowledge her as her more respectful position as one of the Aces of the guild, however, so do remember that if any of you decide to give her a hello." Samira pondered what she just said for a moment and immediately back tracked after imagining the horror that would be unleashed upon the Ace if any of them came out. "I retract my statement. Remain where you are until I am done. None of you can control yourselves."

    'And here I was about to demand modeling advice for the upcoming celestial beauty pageant. Damn shame.'

    "Your sarcasm is noted."

    'I can still ask for an autograph, right? I need it for my top and popular mages of the world collection!'

    "No autographs." Honestly. The woman didn't need to be pestered with autographs when she probably got so many requests for it as it was. Besides, Samira preferred it if such chaos didn't distract the Ace from doing a reading. That probably required patience and concentration... a calm mind filled with absolute tranquility... a mind that could reach a transcendent state so it could be filled with all the answers and mysteries of the universe!... or something. She didn't rightly know.

    'Not that I care or anything, but what makes you think she's going to be in this dump of a city anyway? And at some local inn no less? She's probably off partying and living the rich life if she's seriously that freaking popular.'

    "The same way I know that she is experienced in handling tarot cards, of course. From rumors. People have mentioned her talents even outside of the Sabertooth halls and the Ace of Spades. It is not a secret she is hiding." Those rumors were quite varied in actuality, and Samira didn't know just how accurate they were. The location of where Gaia normally did her readings made sense. The Red Dragon Inn was a hot spot in the city with many travelers and locals providing customer traffic. The day also made sense. It had to be a Friday. That was the day that you were most likely to find the tarot card reader. That had to be Gaia's day off from her other duties, right? Yes. That was the most logical assumption. It couldn't have been all those other far fetched theories she had heard in passing.

    The telepathic conversation continued as Samira made her way to the large inn. She entered it casually as if she had been there a numerous amount of times. She hadn't, of course, but pretending it was a familiar sight helped her forget the awkwardness of it all. The stares she paid no mind, nor the whispers and audible comments being made as she made her way to one of the back corners of the inn. In many ways she was grateful that no one had a mind to stop her or say anything. She could get right to where she needed to be in peace.

    Samira stopped her steps once she had reached a table. Not just any ordinary table. Those were abundant enough that she could have just sat at any old table in the front of the inn. No. That one was specially marked with a lovely rich purple cotton tablecloth that was delicately decorated with golden embroidery. Stars and moons covered it completely, the golden color design shimmering in the candlelight that dimly lit the small space. There was also a woman sitting by the wall. The one she expected to be there. Gaia Sabin, or rather Lady Gaia that day, she supposed. The Lady title while she was in her tarot reading mode had been another one of those rumors she had heard.

    In truth, the Wizard Saint wasn't all too sure where to go from there. What exactly was the appropriate way to request a reading? She supposed the best way was to just start with the basics. "Hello, Lady Gaia. Are you available to do any readings at this time?" For all she knew the Ace did readings by appointment only these days so the question seemed legitimate enough. In the back of her mind Samira felt a bit silly for asking though since no one else was sitting in the other chair. At least she'd get credit for being polite.

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    A Summoner's Reading (Private, Gaia) Empty Re: A Summoner's Reading (Private, Gaia)

    Post by Gaia 18th April 2021, 8:27 pm

    @Samira Nassar
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    The Divine Mage

    As the new comer entered the establishment, the black haired mage was waving her hands around as her tarot cards were flying up above and around the little area. The cards were shuffling themselves together as she had them flying above the table. The cards had the back side facing her, so the pictures were facing towards the ceiling out of eye view so peeping wasn’t an option. A person had just left her table and looked a bit distraught from their reading, making the tarot reader rub her nose while her glasses were in her other hand. As steps came closer and stopped near the table, she put her blue square rimmed glasses back on and looked up to the person before her. Her burnt sienna eyes went wide for the fact that she was being approached by a person she had been meaning to meet for ages!

    How was she supposed to react?! She was in the presence of greatness! She opened her mouth to ask how the mage was, or rather, Goddess of Ishgar. The Goddess of Humility, Samira Nassar. Before she could get her own words out, the woman had asked a question first. She came to her for a reading? The bewilderment was clear on her face as she wasn’t expecting a fellow summoner to require a reading, especially someone like herself! A smile slipped up on her face regardless after that question while she motioned for the other to sit in the seat across from her. “Yes! As long as no one is sitting here, I’m available whenever someone requests a reading.” She muses while her cards floated down to her hand and she began manually shuffling them between her fingers. “What brings a great Goddess of Ishgar like yourself to my humble little bubble in this building of chaos?”

    As she asked that, some patrons started to stand atop of their table and hold their steins high as they sang a melody highly off key and what nearly sounded like slurred gibberish. It was probably a shanty of sorts about ale and women more than likely. While they did that, the tarot mage didn’t seem phased at all. She just raised her hand to remove her cloak off of her shoulders and hang it on the back of her seat, exposing that she was wearing a brown turtleneck sweater, a green miniskirt, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of brown, mid-calf boots upon her feet. She turned to look back at the other summoner and smiled sweetly. “I can’t help but say that it feels like an honor to have you here! I’ve been wanting to meet you for ages, but never knew how to reach out to you, or if I should.” She scratches her cheek nervously. This was a little embarrassing now. Maybe she should focus on her readings…

    Noya, the little white ferret, was sitting in the seat next to the tarot reader, curled up in a ball and ignoring the loudness of the tavern while her master was next to her. She did open a black eye and noticed Samira there. Her master was a fan of this Samira Nassar. Something about Miss Nassar being a highly skilled and respected summoner or something. The ferret didn’t know. She only knew her master was skilled as well in her summoning, along with her tarot readings as well. The ferret wouldn’t make a fuss regardless, just moving herself into her masters lap and enjoying a nap there while her master put a hand down to pet her soft fur.


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