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    [Meliora Vitae] Return to Home


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    [Meliora Vitae] Return to Home Empty [Meliora Vitae] Return to Home

    Post by Admin on 17th October 2020, 2:33 pm

    Job Title: Return to Home
    Rank: C or B
    Job Location: Joya (Starting in Era, can be posted in either place)
    Solo Word Count: C - 1,000 / B - 2,500
    Group Word Count: C - 2,000 / B - 5,000
    Additional Requirements: Must be a Meliora Vitae guild member. Whichever rank you choose to complete this job, you must meet the requirements to do so (i.e. anyone C Rank cannot take the B Rank version.)
    Job Description: On a visit to Era, you notice while walking on the street that there is a child with a pet monkey. The child is obnoxious and treats the poor creature horribly. The monkey looks miserable. You overheard the parents saying that the monkey was captured in Joya and sold to them by a shady-looking guy because their child wanted an exotic pet.

    One of the guild's goals is to relocate animals and rescue ones who are in horrible situations. It's your job to steal the pet monkey from the child somehow. Once it is in your care, make the journey to return the monkey to the jungles of Joya. Try not to get caught by authorities!

    Reward: C - 175 EXP and 20,000 Jewel / B - 1,050 EXP and 40,000 Jewel

    ~Credit to Dagda.

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