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    A wrath like no other

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    A wrath like no other Empty A wrath like no other

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 16th October 2020, 3:27 pm

    That honestly was one of the weirdest missions Teresa had ever completed. Well perhaps not the weirdest, but the outcome… hmm no that was not right either. She did not know why this mission stuck with her so much. It had been a fairly routine mission. Some bloke had forgotten to pick-up an anniversary present and now was of course scrambling to find a present. Of course why he could not do it himself had baffled Teresa, but it was a job and had needed to to some shopping herself anyway, so it was all good. She had made her way to the Reniro Isle Jewelry Shop in Hargeon without any problem and she was astonished by the quality and wide selection of jewelery.

    Now by definition Teresa barely used to wear jewelery as she was more comfortable in her skin tight outfit anyway. However she did enjoy shopping and owning a large selection of jewelery. She had a selection of items stored in almost every city just in case. Usually nothing more then a small drop box with a few earrings or a bracelet and definitely nothing fancy. She never understood how some people could spend more on a ring, then most paid for a house. Seeing this selection though… for a moment she did understand it.

    Luckily she was broke as a house and needed this job just to pay for the food and booze, so she could shake the urge to buy something for herself quite easily. However it was in a way her lucky day, as she could spend an ungodly amount of currency from the client.

    “I think I will take this one.” She said in her honey sweet voice, leaning forward a little bit forward and batting her eyes a bit quicker.

    In a way it disgusted her, but she got the most beautiful ring in the entire store with a hefty discount and that was good for the client. [color:a1f2=blue=]“I am nothing but professional.” She said firmly to herself, before bursting into a loud laugh in the middle of the street. Heh can’t even say that to myself with a straight face. She thought to herself as she clutched her belly and tried to lean against a wall in an effort not to fall forward.

    After a while she did come to her senses a little bit and pried the ring from her finger and put it back into the expansive case. She then did her own shopping on the way to the mansion.

    “I mean so far everything good. I introduced myself to the butler, gave the password and was let in. You would think everything would be fine right?” Teresa said with a sigh towards the barman as she accepted the large glass of gold that was being handed towards her.
    “Yeah you would think that. What happened? Did the old dirty man leer at your or something? Or make a pass? The bartender replied with a smirk as he began polishing a few glasses.
    “You would think that…” Theresa said with a smile, as she tried to repress the image of that hot young man from her brain.

    Unsuccessfully if she was perfectly honest.

    In a single gulp she finished the large glass, followed by a belch loud enough to be heard through all corners of the guild. To everyones surprise though she waved her hand that she did not require a refill and threw a few coins thoughtlessly on the counter.

    Without saying another she stood up and walked back outside the guild for some fresh air. She could still feel the shoulder where that hawt man had slapped her on the shoulder and she remembered that friendly laugh. And she remembered everything else…

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