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    The Angel Who Fell To Earth


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    The Angel Who Fell To Earth Empty The Angel Who Fell To Earth

    Post by Elara 16th October 2020, 7:16 am

    The sounds of bullets and screaming filled with air as the two gangs continued to wage war upon each other. What had begun as a simple misunderstanding had become a full on battle and the streets were now filled with bodies, blood pouring from every orifice. Yet, no matter how many gang members fell, more seemed to take their place, willing to continue the fight. It could have been seen as brave but in the eyes of one particular person, it was simply moronic. The result of the fight wasn’t going to matter as there was only one figure who’d actually survive the battle. A creature who was beyond the abilities of the idiotic fools who were fighting below her, a fact that they would soon learn first hand. She’d been waiting for so long to finally begin her new journey and as she watched from her vantage point, the time had come at last. The earth had become an eyesore which needed to be dealt with and as she leaned her head over the edge of the precipice, flat out on her stomach, the girl merely chuckled. Oh, how she loved to watch the pathetic humans as they went about their pathetic lives but the time for watching was over.

    With a gleeful giggle, the girl would roll off of the edge of the precipice and begin her descent, her vision being briefly distorted as she fell. For so long had she wanted to do this, to leave her heavenly home behind and to start anew. The life of a royal angel had become too repetitive for her and so she’d willingly accepted the task that her brother had asked of her. He desired that chaos return to the earth so that it would be recreated in his image and she had leapt at the opportunity to aid him. Humanity had become so stagnant and needed to be purged in order to grow and develop and so it fell to her to do the purging. It would take a long time and she wasn’t even sure if she’d ever be able to return to her heavenly birthplace again but that didn’t matter to her. The fun that she’d have on the earth would be more than worth the sacrifice and who knew? Perhaps she’d end up ruling the earth herself and be able to create a second paradise on the mortal plane? Her brother had never said what she was to do after the purging, after all and had simply given her free reign. That thought caused such a pleasant tingle down her spine.

    As her speed increased and she began to break through the barriers between the heavens and the earth, she began to feel numb. She’d been warned about this happening and uttering a few sacred words, a burst of energy would surround her, shielding her from any damage. Her giggling only increased as time passed, loving the almost deafening sound that was all around her. The heat began to increase too and her shielded form began to take on the appearance of a shooting star. It was all a part of the plan though and she’d been drilled thoroughly in what to expect. It was a regular occurrence for angels to be sent to the earth in recent times but given her status, she’d never expected to have been given the chance to descend. Yet, she’d always had that lust for adventure that had never dimmed. She’d heard so many tales about battles between the heavens and hell, as well as against various groups of mortals. There was so much conflict in the universe and Sabriel actually adored that fact. Peace was boring and it never lasted anyway. It certainly wouldn’t now. Not with her on the loose.

    Dazed by the heat and incredible speed, Sabriel’s giggling would come to a sudden stop as she hit the ground incredibly hard, causing an enormous amount of magical energy to burst from the point of contact. The ground would shake and the fools who’d been fighting would break off their attacks and dive for cover, petrified of what they’d just witnessed. It would be as if a human sized meteorite had hit the ground and none of the morons seemed to have an answer. There was an enormous cloud of smoke that covered the entire area of the crash and as the gang members continued to watch in awe. They just looked blankly at each other, shrugging their shoulders, before obviously starting to blame the only people that they could think of. The other gang.

    The two sides were soon shouting and screaming at each other once again and shots were firing from all angles again but it wasn’t to last, as the smoke finally cleared to reveal a rather short looking figure. At no more than five feet in height, Sabriel was by no means an intimidating person, at least in terms of height but the look in her crimson coloured eyes was more than enough to make up for it. Her outfit was anything but heavenly either and her form was clad in an almost gothic style dress. There were many sects in the realm of angels after all and they weren’t all obsessed with all that was light and holy. No, some had developed their own mantra and Sabriel’s was at the peak of that trend. Her family had been touched by other forces, which were not at all holy. It had all begun with Priya, the black haired girl’s older sister, who’d become corrupted by lust and passion. Ever since then, the family had become more susceptible to such emotions, with Sabriel herself being no exception.

    The leader of one of the gangs, his outfit covered in blood from the battle would yell towards her, “Get out of here, kid! This is no place for a brat like you! Leave, before you get blood all over your pretty dress of yours.”

    Sabriel turned her head towards him, a look of irritation across her face, “You won’t speak to me in such a way again, filthy human. I will walk wherever I wish and if you have an issue with it then I’ll cut your head off and feed you to the crows. It’s not as if you’d even have the balls to attack me anyway, as you were quivering in fear just a few moments ago just by seeing me make my entrance. Don’t pretend that you actually have a spine. I’m a princess of the heavens and you’ll address me as such.”

    “Oh! Look here boys! We’re in the presence of royalty! Forgive us if we don’t all bow, your royal shortness!” A member of the other gang yelled in response, performing a mocking courtesy.

    A burst of laughter began to escape from the gang, until a spear of ice suddenly struck the fool mocking her in the throat, causing him to gasp and collapse to the ground. They certainly weren’t laughing after that and as both gangs realised the mistake that they’d just made, Sabriel would leap into action, a whip of pure darkness appearing in her hand as she darted towards her foes. Agile and elusive, she’d dart from foe to foe, unleashing horrible attacks from her whip which seemed to petrify her enemies when hit. One lash was enough and each pathetic human fell in a heap, quivering with terror as though their worst nightmares had come to life. This was Sabriel’s power and with her enhanced senses guiding her on, the confrontation wasn’t even close to being competitive. It was just a massacre and no one was spared. The gangs ended up shooting more of their own men then anything else and as the angel destroyed them, she’d giggle all the while. Every note of their screaming caused her to become even stronger, feeding on their fear. A true predator.

    After a while, the last few members of the gangs would try and make a run for it, not that it helped them at all. Sabriel would be on them in a moment, her speed more than sufficient to keep up with such easy prey. Savage and destructive, she cared through them like a hot knife through butter and her mind became consumed by the thrill of the hunt. It was all so much fun and after spending so much time on the sidelines, watching from the skies above, her feeling of dizzying joy only increased. This was living.

    The coward who had hurled the first insult still moved though, abandoning his men and dashing as fast as his legs could carry him. His breathing laboured and eyes filled with fear as he turned a corner and sprinted down an alleyway. Every step felt like he was running in cement and his energy levels were so low but he kept pushing onwards, trying to avoid his fate. Eventually, his legs would fail him and he would push himself up against the side of a building, panting hard. To his surprise, there was no chasing girl behind him and he sighed with relief. He had escaped. He was free. He would survive and for a few moments, he would relax....

    His eyes would then widen, before looking down to find a fist ploughed straight through his midsection. A giggle would reach his ears, as Sabriel would phase her head through the building behind him, her crimson eyed gaze baring into his. “Oh, it seems like you’ve lost our little game of hide and seek,” her voice was sickly sweet, “You made a dreadful error in upsetting me, fool but know that you and your little buddies aren’t going to be the only ones to make that mistake. I’m going to purge this place of scum. Anyone who I don’t deem fit to live will be destroyed, one by one and you know the best part? There’s nothing that anyone can do to stop me. I can’t be contained, I can’t be stopped and I can’t be killed. Isn’t that wonderful?”

    All he could do was screech and scream, before the girl removed her fist and he collapsed to the floor. Dead, with his innards all over the floor. The crows and rats would definitely feed well today although the souls of the gang members would no doubt be reaped soon enough. Death never waited long to claim his prize, after all and he would have plenty of prizes to claim today. He’d probably owe her a favour or two before this was all said and done, favours that she’d gladly cash in on when the time came.

    Smiling, Sabriel would phase through the wall completely and glance down at his body, before looking up towards the stars. “I hoped you enjoyed that, brother. This is just the start of what’s to come. Now, where should I go next? I’ve got an entire world to explore.”

    Summoning a pair of large wings, the angelic princess would then launch herself into the air, heading for regions unknown. There was so much to do but there was plenty of time. She had eternity after all and there were plenty of lovely playthings that she was looking forward to investigating. Perhaps she’d grab a beautiful female and have some fun with them for a while. Wherever she went, chaos would be soon to follow and as she flew, she wondered for a second about what the world would look like under her control and a giggle escaped her lips at the thought. Being the queen of earthland did sound like ever so much fun and already her mind was starting to obsess over the idea. She imagined a lovely castle, one that would put her brothers to shame, with a gorgeous queen beside her who’d adore her forever. It was just like one of those tales that were told to young children although this was one tale that she’d long to see fulfilled in real life.

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