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    Ingredient Hunt!


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    Ingredient Hunt! Empty Ingredient Hunt!

    Post by Lyretich on Thu 15 Oct 2020, 18:29

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The job this time was located on a clifftop, near the edge of the woods in the Serene Cliff area. The man who posted the job, was quite old and named Midora “You see, I am quite old and hurt my back the last time I went to forge some mushrooms, so I cannot go out and gather the ingredients I can use for food, so I would like to ask you to do it in my place. I think this basket will fit you well, just fill it up as much as possible and come back for the reward,” Midora smiled at Lyretich as he handed him the basket and explained in more details which ingredients are okay to pick up. "Okay, then I will be on my way," Lyre smiled back at the old man and went out to the foods to start gathering the ingredients.

    The day was quite nice and it has been a while since Lyretich visited the forest, maybe it was his first time to visit the forest with the purpose of gathering ingredients for food, as most of the foods he had eaten,  never needed him to gather anything, at most he had to go to the market to buy them. Seems, I will have a lot of different experiences as a wizard, he smiled at his own internal thoughts, as he walked thru the forest while enjoying the pleasant breeze and natures sounds.

    After wandering for a while, Lyretich reached a beautiful plain filled with all kinds of plants, Seems I hit the jackpot. While putting down the basket that was on his back, he reached for a small pocketbook that was in the pocket of his pants. Before going out the old man Midora handed him an illustrative pocket guide for edible plants and ingredients in the forest. While quickly looking thru the pages of the mini-guide, Lyre scanned the plants that were in front of him and saw the resemblance, Let's pick up these ones. The plain was full of wild vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, and some leafy greens. This will take quite a long time doing alone, was the thought inside Lyre's head "Wen Yan, come out!" A dragon-human combat pet appeared "Lyreeeeee! You didn't let me come out and play in a long time," the creature was happy to be out of The Bond Book in a while, looking at its owner with excited eyes. "Uhm... yeah... so I need help gathering these ingredients," Lyretich felt kind of apologetic, as the cute creature probably was not expecting to be summoned for a reason like that, nevertheless, the combined effort of both shortened the gathering time by half, "Thank you for the help, I will call you out to play more often." He promised his pet, as he recalled it back.

    " Mr. Midora I am back," he put the basket on the ground as he returned the mini-guide to the old man. "Thank you, young man, now I don't have to worry about surviving for the month." Lyre received his reward and bided his goodbye to the old man, as he headed for the door "Have a nice evening Mr. Midora!"

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