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    To Earthland and Beyond!


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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Lyretich 14th October 2020, 2:39 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The Rose Garden was an area bustling with life at any time of the year, and of course today too – a normal weekday, when most people should be busy with their jobs, the Rose Garden was busy with people shopping, relaxing in restaurants, and just enjoying their life. Well, it was of no surprise, this place was filled with magic and fun.

    The modeling agency under which Lyretich was signed up, had obtained a new job, but this job was located abroad and for that, the young male needed a passport. They could have come with me at least, not just send me alone… What kind of agency does that. While being in his own thought, his turn had arrived, Lyretuch has been in the Rose Garden office already for at least some two hours, patiently waiting for his turn. The office was full of people, the boy made the right choice by coming a few hours earlier than his appointment. Usually, people would just come here and wait or get in the living line, but Lyretich’s situation was different. He was sent by a well-known well modeling agency, so they got an appointment with one of the top managers, but the thing was, even this so-called top executive was forced to work the same job as any other regular employee, as the number of people was just crazy, so if Lyretich missed his appointment even by a few minutes, he would have to wait all over again.

    “Lyretich de Alger Obelia? Please follow me.” a middle-aged woman, came to pick him up and guide to the manager’s office. The office was cozy, the manager looked tired, but was a very friendly person, nevertheless. "So, your full name is Lyretich de Alger Obelia, you are fifteen years old, living in Fiore, and currently a member of X Modeling Agency and Meliore Vitae? Is this information correct? Would you, please, go over it and check if everything is correct or maybe there are some mistakes?" The seemingly tired manager asked Lyretich, while handing him down the form that was filled. Lyre took the thin piece of paper with both hands as he started to scan it with his eyes, slowly going from top to bottom of the page. "Yes, everything seems correct," he handed the paper back to the man in front of him, who on the other hand handed it to the middle-aged woman, probably his secretary, from before. "I will have it made, just in a bit, please wait a while here," the woman smiled at Lyretich, as she exited the office.  While waiting for the passport to be made, Lyre and the manager had some small talks about this and that, while both of them sipped some nice quality green tea. The making of a passport didn’t take long, as Rose Garden relied on magic doing almost anything, and this was no exception. The woman returned back with a small object in her hand - the passport. "Here you go," she handed the newly made passport to Lyretich with a warm-hearted smile. "Thank you, it was nice talking to you, I hope you both have a nice day," Lyre smiled at the manager and the woman as he exited the office which was so quiet compared to the common area which was loud and full of people.

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