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    Post by Lyretich on 14th October 2020, 1:49 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The Neutral Ground has always been a fascinating place for Lyretich – how can a place without magic exist? Magic is so convenient, of course, not all magic can be used in everyday life, but still the wonders it can do. I could never live here… The promised iLac, that swept away all the news a few days ago, was being given out for free, to anyone who comes and picks it up at the factory it was made. Lyretich was free today from his usually busy schedule, visiting the factory didn’t seem such a bad idea, the weather was nice, the day was free and all in all Lyre was feeling quite positive.

    Locating the factory was of no trouble at all, even for someone who wasn’t so familiar with the Neutral Grounds, because whenever Lyretich looked extravagantly big ads were decorating almost all buildings. Isn’t this a bit too much, I mean I get it, it’s a big deal… New technology and all, still… how much money exactly did they spent on all of this? While being lost in his thought and just thoughtlessly following the signs Lyretich reached the factory ground faster than he expected. Oh woah… The line is no joke at all. The number of people lining up for the free iLac was no joke. “Excuse me, are these all people lined up for the iLac?” Lyretich asked the young woman who was in front of him. As the woman turned to him, slightly annoyed at first, but as soon as she saw the two brownish eyes of Lyre, which were basking in the sunlight that was looking at her, she froze for a few seconds scanning his body and appearance with her eyes, probably thinking that the young male wouldn’t notice She is definitely scanning me. “Miss?” the voice of Lyretich brought her out of her seemingly frozen state “Ah, yes… Do you wish to go ahead of me?” the young woman asked in a slightly paused tone. “Oh really? That would be so nice of you, but are you sure?” Lyretich knew his look was not something a normal person would come across daily and for people who weren’t used to him, it was like some sort of hypnotic effect. “Yes, yes, I am sure… Please…” The woman gestured with her hands for Lyre to move ahead of her, as she was doing that the people in front naturally turned around their heads, as it was a weird situation for people to hear – the line was long, the sun was shining on them directly at this point in the line, so why would anyone in their right mind let someone pass ahead of them in the line, but as soon as people turned they understood. The cycle of letting Lyretich get in front of them continued as some people recognized him as the model, while some were just swept away in his beauty “Thank you, thank you.”

    A few years ago, Lyretich would get quite shy about this kind of treatment, but not anymore, because it happened so often that he had no choice but get used to it. Logically, in no time Lyretich got to the front of the line “Hello, I would like to get the iLac.” The clerk in front of him lined up a few devices in different colors “Please take the one that you like the most,” the clerk was looking only at Lyretich’s face while showing the different colors. “I will take the white one,” a polite smile appeared on Lyre’s face as he reached for the white-colored iLac. “If anything happens to go wrong with the device, visit us again and we will get it fixed for you, for free,” the clerk gave a smile to Lyre as he whispered the last part about it being for free, just for Lyretich to hear. “Thank you,” Lyre thanked the young clerk as he was making his way to the exist while hearing the disappointed whispers of people in the line “Aww… the pretty boy is leaving.”

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