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    Return Home and Future Funds


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    Return Home and Future Funds Empty Return Home and Future Funds

    Post by Gaia 10th October 2020, 2:28 am

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    notes too lol

    The Divine Mage

    The thing she was hoping to never see in a million years after that incident. A letter from home. Her parents had decided to reach out to her once again. After that lovely incident a few months back and meeting her half siblings. Her parents were now probably getting a divorce. Or they were going to stay married for publicity sake, and keep the business going as much as they can since it was going on a high recently. Stocks were up, business was booming, money was coming in like there was no tomorrow. Her siblings were probably living it up with the money they were taking in and spending it on pointless stuff. Well all but Cierra, Cersei, and Lexi at least. She knew those three wouldn't care for the family drama much.

    The bespectacled mage was in a carriage on her way to Bellum. The ride was quiet as she requested to go home on her own. Home was not even the word she wanted to use anymore for Bellum. That was not home. Home was back in Fiore. Home was in Ace of Spades. Home was Kyran. Home was Ducarius and Bel. Home was Noya. Bellum wasn't home. Not any more. Or never really was to begin with. It was a place of slight shelter. A place to sometimes be fed. A place of bad memories and trust issues. Bellum was the trash that raised her. Bellum was the place that molded her to have more empathy for those with less power while she tried to protect some she did know while she was also without power, furthering the want to protect them after she found her abilities. The place that made her feel nothing for those who felt the strong should survive and were better than others. Revenge wasn't what she wanted for Bellum, she wanted it to heal from their specist ways and their hoity toity 'better than thou' acts.

    She would try to make a change in Bellum if she could. If anything, with her parents and family's mind. Maybe. She highly doubted it though with how they treated her. Or she could try to at least start an organization in Bellum to help those. That seemed better. A bit more freezable. She would have to probably also do an extensive screening of the people who would work within to make sure they're truly wanting to help her and her cause out. Bellum was one of those places where she would not put it past some residents to attempt to pretend to be supportive of the lesser magic abilities people and try to tear it up from the inside. That's just how they were. Those with no magic and other species were second class to those with magic and native to Bellum or looked like the rest of the people who resided in Bellum. And she hated it. It was terrible. She refused to let that dictate her attitude since she grew up without her magic and felt the unjustness of that.

    She didn't have much time to think of that as she approached the 'great' country of Bellum and glanced out the carriage window at those in poverty. The magicless, poor people who barely had a chance at living. She felt bad. They could do nothing but stay there with the theocracy as it is. The people here were made to believe that they were worthless as they were. A few times she's traveled these streets in secret, only being saved by her family crest being recognized when she happened to be caught half of those few times, but she was still spat on for being magicless. The things these people went through to even survive was unimaginable. As she traveled to the outer edge of the more wealthy region of her homecity, the mage sat back and closed the curtain. It sucked. She was going to employ the poverty stricken people and pay them triple of their average wages if she could. Open community buildings and the like. She needed to do something.

    All her thoughts on what she could possibly do were keeping her busy before the carriage was shaken to a stop. She quickly opens the door herself and looks around. She knew she wasn't at her parents place. They were just past the area that was partially fenced in to separate the poor from the rich. In front of the carriage was a young child who was blocking the road. Gaia quickly got down and made her way towards the front of the carriage. "Are you okay?" She questions as she stops at the corner. There was horses in between the two.

    "You ran me over! No! I need to go to the hospital now!" The child screams at her. They were causing a scene on purpose. She had seen that trick before. Funny it was being used on her for once. Gaia gripped her hands as she closed her eyes for just a moment while she was gaining control of her breathing. "I plan to invest in making a proper clinic in Antros Bega. If you know Trice, let him know that Gaia is back." She unclenched her hands as the kid blinked at the name they knew. With a quick nod, the child darted past her and was shaking their head while motioning to go back. "Tell him I'll also be keeping my promises. I have the means to now." Gaia had it glanced over her shoulder as she told the child that, waiting till they were gone before she turned on her heel and got back into the carriage. A rap on the window to the driver came and the mage opened the window just a little bit. "Are we really coming back here?" "Yes. I made a promise to. Don't worry, we'll be safe if you're worried about that." She closed the window gingerly and tapped on the window to let the driver know she was ready again.

    Home. It was a massive mansion. Fit for one who owns a multi-billion jewel company for entertainment business… Cruises of various kinds and sporting vehicles and services of the magical kind. Her father knew how to exploit the natural abilities of mages and wove the business himself just before he met her mother. She hated looking at this place. She stepped out of the carriage and barely glanced at the butler who only stood there. He didn't greet her like she should have. "In case you didn't hear," Her brown eyes glared over towards the butler. "I have magic now." She hissed. She hated that as soon as she said that, the butler's attitude seemed to have changed and he bowed to her. She scoffed and stormed on ahead of him before he quickly rushed after her to open the door.

    "Announcing lady Gaia Sabin." He says loudly. "Dyer. Sabin Dyer." Her tone of voice was one that demanded respect as she knew with the news of her having magic would spread around the Sabin estate and she wouldn't be treated like rubbish, or the servants wouldn't believe it. She had more of a backbone now too. She was wearing a black sleeveless asymmetrical miniskirt dress with a pair of knee high black jeweled boots that clicked on the tile as she stepped inside. Around her shoulders was a black hooded cloak with jewels hanging around the shoulders and the inside of the cape decorated like a galaxy. All but the cloak was made by Olga Wilson, a famous fashion designer that Gaia models for, but she would say the cloak was Olga's creation as well if asked.

    Her father wasn't the first to come out to greet her, her mother was. Gaia was a bit shocked though. Bellona was usually more poised and put together, almost all the time. Today, the woman seemed to be struggling. Her hair was a mess as it hung around her shoulders whereas it usually was up and neat. Her dress wasn't pressed, and was crinkled in various places. Things weren't going well for her after the reveal that her husband cheated on her for a numerous amount of years and times, and who knew how many other half siblings Gaia had because of that man. "Gaia~! You're home! I've missed you. I hope the journey wasn't bad? Care for some tea?" She ushered the girl into the parlor and made her sit with her. "How are my grandbabies? And I suppose my son-in-law too, how's he doing?"

    Gaia sat where she did and takes a deep breath. She never touched her tea and looked to her mother. "You can divorce him. I won't judge you for it. I already judge you for how you turn away from people without magic when they're being mistreated. I'm not like that." Her mother paused at the words her daughter said, and hesitantly put her teacup down on the table before her. Both of them were silent as they sat there. Gaia's eyes were ahead and glancing at the books on a bookshelf nearby, while her mother's eyes were on the teacup before her. "I plan to start funding the building of a medical clinic in Antros Bega after leaving here. I already got the building permit and have to get materials. The people will need to have the best of the best there, and it'll need to be dirt cheap as well so they can go there without issue. I intend for the building to have the best materials and equipment and care for those without magic to have, or those who have magic but are a different species." She wanted to see how her mother would react. "I was also seeing about renovating the community center there and having it fixed up. Would need just as good materials for that as well…” She wasn’t quiet about her ramblings. She sensed her siblings' magic presences nearby as well. This was a dangerous game she was teasing, but it would be worth it to see if she ever came back or not.

    "That sounds like such a… a generous thing for you to do." Her mother was being weary of her words. "I'm kinda surprised you of all people being such a philanthropist, but maybe not so much with your cause." Gaia simply sat there as she raised an eyebrow to her mother. “I figured you’d do something… smaller, and less out there.”

    Gaia sat back as she smirks to the woman sitting near her. “As if. I wouldn’t dream of sullying the Sabin name by being small and out of the way. And as a rising Model, word would get out regardless, especially in this day and age.” She held up her iLac as she said that, meaning news of her actions would go around quickly, in fact, they already were. She had sent a message on Lacbook out that she was helping others quickly.

    Just then, Gaia’s sister had walked through the door and looked at her. “You are actually here?” She sneers a bit. Gaia looked calmly to her sibling before she smiled sweetly. Of course, this didn’t fully sit well with her sister as she knew Gaia wasn’t dealing with the at home dealings like she was.

    “Adsila. It’s been a while! We hadn’t seen each other since father introduced us to his other daughters in Fiore, right? I figured you'd like to know, they're doing well and are living happily. Beautiful girls. Maybe you could meet them in person one day without violence going around?” She giggled sweetly as she stood up while she smoothed out her skirt. “Unfortunately, I do have to go. I can’t guarantee being able to chat long if I come back to Bellum again. Modeling and being a mage is a busy business.” She smiles ever so sweetly as she curtsied her mother and sister. Noya just rested there on Gaia, waiting for them to leave.

    “You sure you can’t stay longer?” Her mother pouts to her. She was pleading with her eyes. She wanted her daughter to stay.

    Gaia sighed rather deeply. “Mother, Adsila. Why don’t you two take a vacation? Fiore has a nice little hot spring in Hosenka. It’s quite refreshing. You two need a break. Maybe take Vesa with you as well. I’m sure father is busy with work and wouldn’t have too much time to relax with you two.” Gaia smiles as a maid came into the room. “I unfortunately can’t stay longer as this was on short notice. I have other businesses to attend to that are just as important. I hope we can make better plans next time.”

    Bellona quickly stands as she sets her tea town. “If you insist… I’ll walk you out.” Gaia nodded to her mother and smiled to her sister, despite the clear look on her sisters face. The maids also were unsure about this. They were used to the quiet and shy little thing that used to be Gaia, not this extravagant thing oozing for others to look at her. She was demanding attention now with how she held her head up and how her gaze pierced others without wavering. They had heard the rumors of her becoming a model and that she was quite good at it.

    “I’ll see you some other time. If you go to Hosenka, write to me when you’ll be there. I can show you some nice shopping around there as well. It’d be easier for me to take some time off than coming here.” She muses ever so sweetly before she steps into her carriage. When the door closes, she taps the wall near the driver, and they started off back to Antros Bega again. As she said, they were safe as they passed by people who looked like they actually wanted to jump in front of it. She kept the curtains of the carriage pulled back to expose who the rider was and further not have the carriage be attacked. She knocked on the wall near the driver again, and he slowed to a stop where he was. “I’ll take it from here. You will be fine still.” She assures him as she steps out without assistance. She walks down an alleyway and smiles to herself as she picks up a loose pipe and taps it on a trashcan as she passes them by. Her heels clicks on the cobblestone, and she tapped her feet to a rhythm.

    “I know those toes.” A gruff voice chuckles from around a corner. She tossed the pipe down and continued to tap dance till she popped her head around the corner. “Little miss runaway Gaia. Been a few years since I’ve seen you in person.” The muscular old man with salt and pepper gray hair. His beard was half groomed with the accommodation he had. Around the corner, were four other people who seemed to smile at the sight of the model. “What brings your little fancy modeling ass over here to Bellum again? Heard you got married too! Congrats! Shame you didn’t invite us though.” The man teased her with a cheeky grin that only an old man could give.

    Gaia gave apologetic eyes as she pouts up to him. “Trice! It was a private wedding with just three other people besides my husband and the officiate.” She chuckles. She moved to lean on the wall next to Trice as he scooted over for her to join. She takes a deep breath as she closed her eyes. She felt happy here. “I went to see my mother. I have a couple more siblings my father… fathered, and well, they’re not doing well anymore. I also came to tell you that I will be helping Antros Bega. I’m funding a clinic here that is going to have good equipment, pay really well, and have low prices for appointments, even without insurance.” She tells the older man sweetly. She quickly holds up a finger. “And… I’m also going to be helping pay for renovations of the community center! I’ve been sending money for programs already… but I wanted to oversee that something was actually being done with my money and not lining some rich fucks pockets.” She lowered her hand as she looked at the man. All the people around the corner were looking at her with wide eyes. She blinked a little and nervously scratched the back of her head. “Should I… not?”

    “No! Do it! Oh goodness child! You’re a blessing!” An older woman says as she went up to hug Gaia and smother her in love. The other four in the alleyway followed suit, giving a group hug and hugging the little woman happily. “We’re really glad that modeling didn’t go to your head and you came back to help our little community here still. Don’t ever change. Please.” Sniffles started to come from someone, and slowly that got to the divine mage. She held her head up as she blinked back some tears. “I couldn’t abandon the place that raised me.” She choked out. A couple tears fell as everyone pulled away from her. Trice reached forward with his calloused hand and wiped the tears away. “Want to show us where the clinic is going?” A smile slipped on her face as she nodded and grabbed his hand. “Come on!”

    The whole group followed after the mage as she traveled through the streets. She had already let go of Trice’s hand and brought them over to where there was a dead lot that had trash filling half of it. “This will be the clinic's spot.” She tells them as she smiles brightly. Around them was houses, plenty of them being shabby. “I’m also going to be starting a fund in this clinic to help around here as well. And when it’s finished, I want you, Trice, to be in charge of managing the money here and making sure it’s fine.” She turns around and smiles at the man. He sighs deeply before he hugs her again. “You’re really an angel…” A smile was on the divine mages’ face for the rest of the day, even on the ride back to Fiore. She knew that there probably was a few people of Antros Bega who owned iLacs and that her image would be going around the lacweb. Already, she warned Kyran about possible backlash from her hugging old friends and mentors, knowing he might see it as well.


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