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    Enter the new kid


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    Public Enter the new kid

    Post by Meister 6th October 2020, 3:26 am

    Kai had waited for so long to be a part of something. He had been alone for so long that the premise of being wanted or even needed was something entirely new to his perspective. He made his way into Ace of Spades and stood for a moment, taking in everything. His heart was in his mouth for a moment at the sheer grandeur of it all, a truly magnificent feat to say the least.

    Although it resembled a somewhat upper-class pub, the banners of the Sabertooth guild hung proudly as members laughed and joked. Some were slumped snoring on the counter as others chatted among themselves, however, as Kai entered most of the heads turned to witness this new person entering the lion's den. He couldn't help but gasp a little but reigned it in when he noticed quite a few people looking at him;

    "Oh crap..." He muttered under his breath.

    He made his way quickly to a seat and sat down trying not to draw attention to himself.


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