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    The Face of Mercy

    Illya Pegasus
    Illya Pegasus

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    The Face of Mercy Empty The Face of Mercy

    Post by Illya Pegasus on 28th September 2020, 8:35 pm

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    Yemaya's wings fluttered, pushing her way through the storm. Such weather was unfortunate, but Ambassador Sivvy gave orders, and Illya needed to impress! She did not quite know why, but she was always under the impression that the higher ups of Dies Irae, Commander West in particular, were not fond of her. With that sinking suspicion in mind, she knew that she needed to be on her best behavior. She needed to fulfill this request explicitly given to her by one of the Ambassadors herself, and finish it quick! Even if it meant trudging through a storm, flying through the wild winds and torrential rains of a bona fide storm. Yemaya was more than acquainted with such a thing, so her making that flight was no issue. The Aviaku was a leal and wonderful guardian, and she understood Illya's request to head out immediately after receiving the mission from the Ambassador. Illya did not even have the time or wherewithal to grab her axe, though that was perhaps for the best considering there was one explicit notion upon her request.

    "You aren't allowed to hurt the children, let alone kill them." What did they think she was, some sort of heartless beast? Killing children was entirely against all sorts of morals! Then again, these children were criminal children, so if that were the case, then-

    This is why they added that caveat, child, Yemaya's soothing yet powerful voice rang in the God Slayer's head. They know you will try to make some excuse to inflict harm upon all criminals equally, regardless of their involvement or their own moral standing. Children are sacred, are they not? What if they are in this work to provide for their families? They are merely victims of circumstance, not wanting to do criminal intent out of a malicious place within their hearts, but rather because they are backed into a corner.

    Illya felt a cross look come upon her face. Well, I suppose, but they're still breaking the law! They're still defiling all that's good and sacred, and they've chosen to abandon their humanity when they resort to crime!

    A hum of disappointment rumbled through Illya's brain, Yemaya displeased with her ward's words. You truly think that criminals abandon their humanity? What if they wish to provide for their families?

    Then they can get legitimate jobs!

    In the case of these children, no legitimate job would take them. They are far too young to provide for their families without their employer engaging in criminal activity, no matter what. Consider this, child. There is certainly a reason the Ambassador gave you this job, and I am certain there was deliberation amongst the rest of the administration of Dies Irae upon this matter. You must learn to show compassion. Yes, I too abhor criminals, yet there is a need for rehabilitation as much as there is a need for purging. I cannot know their exact thoughts, this is a mere postulation on my part, but you need to learn. What would you do in their situations? Just let your family suffer?

    Illya closed her eyes, taking the words into consideration. Rehabilitation? It was something she perhaps should take into consideration. A second chance for these people to change their ways, just as she had a second chance at life, at least according to the note. But resorting to such ways? Unthinkable! Yet, Yemaya was probably correct. There likely was a reason they were specific in sending Illya on this task.

    Yemaya's fluttering wings slowed as the dragon like bird began her descent into Clover Town. Yemaya knew that Illya was supposed to do this task on her own, or at the very least knew it would be most beneficial for her to try it on her own, and she thusly left, leaving the pink haired idol standing upon the wet streets of Clover Town, rain pounding against her head, leaving her normally vibrant pink sweater damp and clingy. Perhaps such a thing was not practical to wear in such weather, but Illya had no time to change after getting the call from the Ambassador. Her day of relaxation cut short, and her unpreparedness in clothing proving such a thing.

    "H-Hullo, Miss!" a youthful voice chirped.

    Illya turned around to see a young, dirty looking boy no older than ten standing at the edge of an alleyway. "Why, hello!" Illya responded with a smile. She already knew what this was, she could hear the voices of other youthful criminals chittering away in a small plaza through the alleyway. They were going to try to rob her.

    "S-sorry if t-this is weird, b-but I'm l-lost, so can you h-help me home?"

    A clever trick. Preying on those that would prefer helping children. A quick diversion, with the child presumably knowing their way to their own house. These children were not just tricked into dirty work. They were embroiled in it. Illya's hand clenched tightly behind her back, the balled fist unseen by the child. "Oh, of course! It's awful to be standing around here, especially in this kind of weather! Though, I don't really know my way around Clover Town all too well. You probably saw me just arrive here, so you'll have to lead me along!"

    Illya knew she succeeded in tricking the youth when she heard the faintest chuckle escape his lips. "Of course, miss! Follow me!"

    The boy began scampering slowly off towards his cohorts, Illya following him in suit. She was entirely enraged by this entire situation, yet there was a silver lining. A young girl's voice hissing a harsh whisper to her cohorts. The boss was coming, so her robbery could only take a maximum of five minutes. Perfect, Illya could see this boss of theirs come before her and she could bring him to justice.

    They were much closer than Illya thought, the boy scampering towards one of the doors within the courtyard, claiming it to be her home. She knew the truth of it by this point, it was their headquarters of criminal operations within the town. They were based in the Spooky Forest, yet it only made sense for them to have a base within their primary town of targeting. The idol smiled. "So glad you could bring me here to see all your friends! Oh, and your 'dad' is coming here too, isn't he? Well that's just wonderful! See, I'm here on orders of Dies Irae to apprehend him and bring him to justice. So, how's about you be a good little kid and-"

    They did not hesitate in their answer, children popping out from behind boxes and through alleys and on rooftops to fire bolts of magic at the God Slayer. Illya deftly dodged each bolt, an exquisite back flip twirling between bolts. They were all impressive for knowing magic for sure, but they still had the inexperience of children. "You're good kids, aren't you? So why are you fighting against the long arm of justice?" she cooed, a devilish look beginning to form in her eyes, her lacrima pulsing a blood red. "You'll just need to get some learning in order, I see!"

    She began humming a quiet tune to herself, bidding her feet to be light as the wind as she danced her way through the bolts of magic, leaping and bounding to each one and taking them down with a swift, yet forceful kick. A voice screamed in her head. Kill them! it roared. They are a lost cause, born in crime, raised in crime! They know naught but crime! Illya wanted to listen, she desperately did. The voice was so enticing, its honey sweet words painting her mind in an ecstasy of sugary tastes, her whims flooding her minds like a wave of syrup. They whispered sweetly to her, each kick harder than the last, knocking children down, rendering them unconscious with a single swift motion of her leg, its force amped by her sped up steps. Yet she found herself yelling back at the voice. No! The Ambassador specifically said not to harm them or kill them! A few bruises to incapacitate, but nothing more! Remember what Yemaya said! They need rehabilitation!

    She landed gracefully at the place she started, now only confronted with a group of five, including the bearer of the voice that informed her of their boss's arrival and the young boy who tried to lure her into their trap. "You're lucky today, let me tell you," Illya cheerfully said. "Once your boss comes here, you'll know why. I'm not allowed to hurt you, but he's not off limits!"

    The kids seemed more enraged by this, firing more bolts of magic. Illya yawned, the yawn itself creating a barrier of sound to protect her. She lazily roared out, engulfing the five in black winds of sound and music. They were weak and on the ground, yet they still looked to have some fight in them. "Aww, two minutes still?" she mused, casually walking to the center of the courtyard and summoning a requipped violin from the air. "Well, I guess I can at least do something. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit!" She began playing a soft tune, humming and singing a lullaby as she did, watching as the children's eyes slowly dimmed more and more, driving them to the threshold of sleep. She smiled. This spell would not fully render them into sleep, oh no. Illya needed them to see what would happen if they failed to rehabilitate themselves.

    Despite the time claiming it to be two more minutes until he arrived, the boss did not arrive until five minutes later, the man with the creepy mustache and trench coat stunned when he looked into the plaza. "Oh, hello! You must be these kid's parent!" Illya said in a chipper tone of voice. "They were all looking a bit tired, so I decided to play them a few songs to help them get a bit of shut-eye!"

    The man hesitantly approached. "Y-yes, of course. They're not all my biological children, that shouldn't be a surprise, but I've been caring for them, yes. Orphans, the lot. I give them nice work and some good food and board, so-"

    Illya raised a hand to halt his speech when he neared her. "I know what you're up to, Kierse. " He panicked, trying to escape, but Illya had already stomped on his foot, her sharp heel plunging into his toes. He managed to escape the initial stab, yet Illya did not relent, coming upon him once more and piercing his bicep with the heel. "Making kids do your dirty work? That's just low. They have such bright futures, and you're ruining them. I need to make sure to pay you back for all the pain you've caused, tenfold."

    Her lacrima flashed red once more as Illya began harshly stomping into the man's right arm, a dissonant happy tune escaping her lips as her body ground his body to a pulp. Her heeled shoes soon began breaking the bones, each sickening crunch only fueling her power more. The crescendo of her song led way until the man's arm had been severed from his body, completely stomped flat midway through the bicep before tearing like dough to the ground below. Illya could not help but chuckle a little at her work. Rarely had she managed to sever a limb with her feet! But her lesson was not done yet as she began pounding away at the man's chest, stamping into his ribs and lungs, the everlasting effects of her stamps nullified by the mending from her song. She delivered a hearty stomp to his left eye before stepping back, her eye returning to its normal blue hue.

    "Well, I suppose there's something I can learn," she said, satisfied after her song of healing closed his wounds. "Some people deserve fates worse than death, and perhaps some just need rehabilitation. See that, kids? If you keep up your lives of crime, this is what you'll get! Now, I'm going to really show you guys something, show that I'm better than this scum of the earth. I'm going to notify the Rune Knights so they can arrest him and bring you kids to juvenile detention. How else are you going to learn from your mistakes? If he died, he'd only have been justified. No, I think this is a good enough punishment." She turned on her bloodied heel, cheerily skipping along and whistling a happy tune as the screams of the now one armed and one eyed man filled her tastebuds with a pleasant sensation.
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