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    "The Black Cat Lounge"


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    "The Black Cat Lounge" Empty "The Black Cat Lounge"

    Post by Temperance on 20th September 2020, 8:15 am

    (Insert for mission details)

    The BLack Cat Lounge

    Selina, aka Temperance, had been getting along with her new friend, coven member, and partner in crime (metaphorically so far) named Medeia. She was a fallen angel from Paradisio, which was a surprise to her as many of her coven had dedicated to hunting down angels, who pretty much try to kill them on site for just being affiliated to the dark. Long story short, the two got along very well. She was a very flirtatious creature, but Temperance had not been one to judge, as she been flirtatious too. At least, when she wasn't in disguise.

    The witch and super thief, had gotten used to her-- and Hex had no issue with her. The cat almost liked her as much as Temperance had. The black witchy exceed cat would perch herself on her head or on her shoulder and purr as Medeia never hesitated to scratch or pet her, which the cat loved. Everything down to the cat's sassy personality was adored by the fallen angel. She was fitting in well.

    After all, doubts were gone, and the Umbra Witches allowed her as a member, she and Temperance had spent much time together talking and getting to know one another. Slowly but surely, the gaps were closing between them as the two were like two girlfriends. So to get to know each other further, Temperance and Medeia went out in Hosenka-- but not for any purpose. They checked out the sites, but more for Temperance to show her her favorite spot, and one that required a bit of searching to find.

    "Thanks for hanging out with me, Medeia. I mean its rare when I can hang out with another woman my own age... I mean, well you get the idea. Someone humanoid, not a guy , or who has whiskers and fur." Temperance said after the two had shopped around for fun.

    "What am I? Chop-liver?" Hex meowed, flying beside them with her black wings out. "You're just jealous of my silky black fur, aren't you?" she said, brushing her fur with her paws.

    Temperance suppressed a small laugh as the two walked. She was dressed in her more casual attire with her jeans, vest, and nerdy glasses. It was unusual for her to use this as her 'casual' wear, but the goal when she was out in public to not draw attention. More often than not, this was the case.

    "So we really going to Agil's place? Did he say he would make a point here in Hosenka of all towns?" Hex asked-- which would go above Medeia's head a bit.

    "Agil said he was trying to open up in more places. He just has to be mindful where and when certain places get a bit more bogged down with the knights. THe last thing he wants is the fuzz to find his place." Temperance said as she led the way. "You know him. The man is all about business when it comes to his bar."

    Hex let out a soft purr of a laugh, shrugging her paws. " I'd be willing to bet he would sell his own mother for a good price," the cat mewed playfully.

    "Hex..." Temperance said knowingly, not approving with how 'greedy' her childhood friend was. "He may be stingy with money as we all know, but he does it for the right reasons. Trust me, if I held a grudge with him every time he resisted my feminine wiles, I'd wouldn't be a customer of his so often. "

    Needless to say, Medeia wouldn't know whom they were talking about, and be a good option to learn more about Temperance's history and her friends, since they were going to her favorite hangout.



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