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    Renji's Dragon Mask


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    Renji's Dragon Mask Empty Renji's Dragon Mask

    Post by Renji 18th September 2020, 12:46 am

    Tribal Dragon Mask

    Strong (+)


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    September IotM, Post #13

    Passed down through the generations of a long-past tribe, this mystical dragon mask has somehow found its way into your hands. Made from the actual scales, skull, and horns of a real dragon, it is near indestructible. It has been painted with various stripes and dots, though the significance of them is long lost.

    Renji's Dragon Mask M3CVis8


    Name: Heart of a Dragon
    Rank: B+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The golden blood that once pumped through the veins of this mighty dragon has stamped its magical sign on what remains. This gives the wearer a B-rank advanced passive buff to their HP as well as regenerating 5% HP per post.

    Name: Soul of a Dragon
    Rank: B
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The soul of the dragon still lingers faintly around this artifact. This gives the wearer a B-rank passive buff to their strength as well as regenerating 5% MP per po


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    Renji's Dragon Mask Empty Re: Renji's Dragon Mask

    Post by Ahote 18th September 2020, 12:00 pm

    Renji's Dragon Mask YIu4Ldy


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