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    Sketchy Memento [B-Rank Exam]


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    Sketchy Memento [B-Rank Exam] Empty Sketchy Memento [B-Rank Exam]

    Post by Renji on 15th September 2020, 9:21 pm

    The crack of dawn forced the shadows to retreat from the sky into the opposite horizon. Songs of chirping filled the air as the first golden ray of warmth peeked through the closed window. His room felt cold to his skin as Renji laid asleep on his bed. Renji’s short dark hair in an unkempt mess as the change of lighting brought his consciousness to reality. A groan could be heard as he turned his head to bury his face into his pillow. Truthfully he didn’t want to be awake as early as he used to be getting up. His father often drilled into Renji’s head that he should always get up before dawn breaks the horizon. For that was the time to already be dressed and began training.

    Of course, before joining the Sabertooth guild, Renji’s daily routine was to train in various things regarding martial arts. Both of Renji’s parents were incredibly strong individuals that Renji often found it difficult to believe that they’re even human. Renji’s father was a hand-to-hand specialist who used to be part of the Rune Knights a few years back. Back before Mizore and Koda were born of course, as it was Renji’s younger twin siblings that caused the great Jaeger Sahano to take his leave from the Rune Knights to devote all of his attention to his family. Jaeger was also a wind magic user as well.

    Celina Miaxidor was a powerful Requip wanderer who also happened to be Renji’s mother. Every other day both his parents would change hands of who trains him, and sometimes they’d let him rest for the day. For some reason, memories of his family flooded the teen’s mind as Renji was waking up. It made him wonder what brought them all up as Renji rolled on his back against the soft bed. His amber eyes slowly blinked away the drowsiness as he stared at the ceiling. That day wasn’t just another day for Renji, but he figured he could take the exam later in the day. It was only early in the morning after all.

    So Renji got dressed and combed through his hair to not be a tangled mess. The memories of his family continued to linger in his thoughts, and frankly Renji hummed as he splashed water on his face over the sink. The cool water completely woke him up in the process, and Renji dried himself off with a towel.

    ”I’ll admit that it has been some time since I last saw them. Maybe I can try to sketch them from memory… Where is that book?” Renji muttered to himself as he walked back into his room. The young mage pulled the top drawer of his dresser open and lifted some of his folded shirts. Usually he kept his sketchbooks under his clothes on the top drawer, and yes Renji possessed multiple sketchbooks. Three in fact, one was a blue leather hardback that contained sketches of the landscape and buildings. The second was a small, brown leather book that Renji used to sketch people, animals, etc with their consent of course. The third was Renji’s old sketchbook that contained sketches of his family, what he’s experienced in his childhood, and more. It was more of a memento than something Renji used, and frankly Renji was about to pick up the brown leather book when he noticed something.

    Renji doesn’t just toss his clothes in the drawers, he always folded them neatly and then put them in the drawers. Upon opening the drawers, some of his shirts were unfolded and looked like they were shoved in there.

    ”I don’t recall leaving you like that. Did someone go through my room while I was gone?” Over in the Red Dragon Inn, Renji wouldn’t doubt if someone came on occasion to clean up the rooms, but if they did then Renji hadn’t noticed anything out of place. Not like what Renji saw before him. The mage lifted up his shirts to find out there were actually two books, a brown and a blue book. Yet there was a clear empty space for a book to fit perfectly in there, and Renji never misplaced that book. After seeing the blank space, Renji felt a sharp tug of panic that tried to wrestle his mind. When Renji succeeded in quelling the panic, anger found its way in the void.

    ”Great, just when I’m to take my next exam today somebody robs me. That doesn’t make any sense, why did they take one of my sketchbooks? They’re not worth anything special. I can understand if they took my money or some of the other things in value around here. But my sketchbook?” It really didn’t make any sense to Renji, and the only thing that Renji thought of was that the thief wasn’t going for money. They were trying to grab his attention, but as to who they were Renji had no idea. It’s not like Renji told anyone about his sketches, or the fact that the missing book held sentimental value.

    Aside from the discovery, Renji finished getting ready and walked out of his room. In the back lobby of Red Dragon’s Inn where only Sabertooth members can access, Renji’s eyes scanned the room for any sign of his book, but of course Renji had no such luck. Renji ordered his breakfast as usual, but he questioned some of the waitresses if they had seen a beaten dark book that’s filled with sketches anywhere. Much to his dismay, there didn’t appear to be any sign of his book around there. It wasn’t until one of the seasoned mages of Sabertooth approached Renji with a smirk on the man’s face. Tall, golden brown locks, and a chiseled jawline the man was.

    ”Heard ya lost something. Something about a book?” Renji’s eyes had already glanced over at the seasoned wizard after the teen just finished eating. Despite the rough morning Renji had, he still wore a small smile before he answered.

    ”Yes, it’s cover is a bit worn and black leather. The very first page has a sketch of a lone woman with a demon face looming over her.” A brief description of what Renji immediately thought of if anyone looked at the first page. It was actually the very first sketch Renji made when he was younger, but too many people got the wrong idea that the demon face was going to consume her.

    ”A worn black book with a sketch… yeah I’ve never seen it around here. But what I can tell you is to seek out Ratatoskr in Yggdrasil. That one often pulls pranks like this at random.” A suggestion that Reni hadn’t thought of before. It was true that the only ones that would even have access to this section of Red Dragon’s Inn was Sabertooth themselves. Which meant that one of the Sabertooth members was responsible, but he’s never known or suspected anyone to steal anything before.

    ”Ratatoskr… I hadn’t thought of that before. I figured he’d pull stuff like that with people he’s familiar with.” The man chuckled as he shrugged his broad shoulders.

    ”Hah! I wish that was the case, but now he targets random people depending on his mood.”

    Renji and the mage conversated for a few more minutes before they bidded farewell to each other. The dark haired wizard got up from his seat and by concentrating to seek entrance to Yggdrasil. A human sized portal opened before Renji, and without wasting a moment Renji stepped through the portal.

    There he found himself in the Outer Rings of Yggdrasil, and just like the first time Renji came here the view was amazing to witness. Often Renji goes to Red Dragon’s Inn, but for some reason Renji felt out of place here in Yggdrasil. At any rate, Renji couldn’t afford the time to really explore. Renji’s mind focused on detecting magic signatures within a hundred and fifty meters around him. There were a few presences that Renji detected, but they were quite far apart from each other. With a sigh, Renji muttered as he summoned the magic power within himself.

    ”Swift Requiem.” Thin tendrils of fire wrapped around Renji’s arms and legs. The magic within the fire refined his consumption and his body felt lighter than earlier. With haste, Renji ran to the nearest signature, but it was another Sabertooth wizard who was perplexed when Renji ran past them. The next two signatures turned out to be the same, and at some point Renji came to stop next to a pillar as he took a moment to catch his breath.

    ”Something tells me… he’s gonna be in the Inner Ring… I don’t even have access to that area either, and I doubt Kenna would grant an exception to track down Ratatoskr.” Renji muttered to himself between his breaths. He didn’t expect anyone to listen, but what he did hear was unexpected.

    ”Kenna wouldn’t even let anyone under the rarest circumstances to enter the Inner Sanctum, not anyone she doesn’t wholeheartedly trust at any rate.” It was an masculine voice dripped with pride and arrogance. Said voice came from above, so Renji looked up at a wide arch, but he wasn’t able to see anything up there.

    ”Of course with mortals such as yourself, I doubt you’d even pass for A rank, let alone being an Ace. Also why in the hells do you keep drawing this same woman with such a scary face?!” Poking his small head over the arch was the head of a squirrel. A familiar squirrel at that, but Renji knew enough not to address the great Ratatoskr as any squirrel. Ratatoskr held out an open book of a lone woman with beautifully long platinum hair and held a claymore sized sword with one hand. Yet for some reason the energy from the sketch was equally menacing as it was awe-inspiring. Renji nervously chuckled as even from a distance he’d recognize that sketch anywhere.

    ”That is because she is incredibly strong, and she carries herself with supreme authority and confidence that remain unwavering.” He answered with honesty, but Renji knew his mother well enough that she often doesn’t mean to come off as terrifying. Ratatoskr however didn’t appear to be impressed with the answer.

    ”Bah, I doubt she is stronger than an ant. You poor thing must be traumatized by her to believe such a thing.” Such an insult would normally send people into a rage of defiance, but Renji was fortunate that Ratatoskr made that comparison. A smirk appeared on his lips before Renji spoke in response.

    ”If she’s as strong as an ant, then that means she can also lift up to fifty times of her own size with no magic right? And could probably bolster monstrous strength too in that case.” The whiskers of Ratatoskr twitched in annoyance before he stood up on his two paws and held the book in the air.

    ”Such a thing is impossible for mortals to achieve. Only someone such as I could ever acquire such power, and I can certainly do more than just lift some rock.” On that note, the Guardian dropped the opened book as it spiraled down to the ground. With a clap of his hands, Renji catches the sketch book in between his hands. The tendrils of fire dissipated into nothingness, but as Renji caught the book. Renji didn’t even notice the blurring speed from Ratatoskr who moved from the arch to be directly behind the teen.

    ”Being distracted by something materialistic is a sure way to bait you into a trap, and cause harm not just to you. But to anyone connected to you as well.” Renji had frozen temporarily in place as he felt two sharp points pressed against the back of his neck. Renji didn’t realize it at the time, but Ratatoskr’s words meant more than just some book. Either way, Renji nodded his head in agreement.

    ”I’ll take your wisdom to heart, Ratatoskr. Although if you wished to look into my sketches, you don’t need to sneak into my room for it. I don’t mind if you look at them.” Renji offered as it would be correct that the teen was angry that Ratatoskr stole something of Renji’s. Yet Renji knew that if he didn’t come to some sort of middle ground with the guild’s pet. There could be more incidents like this in the future. The squirrel scoffed before he hopped off from Renji’s shoulders to the pillar.

    ”I don’t need your permission boy. I do whatever I want, whenever I please to do so.” A typical response from Ratatoskr, but it was close enough of a response that Ratatoskr would consider it as Renji was going to get. Renji respectfully bowed to Ratatoskr before he bid farewell. With a portal opened up behind Renji, he returned to the Red Dragons’ Inn.

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