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    Rhododendron Petals


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    In Progress Rhododendron Petals

    Post by Lilynette 10th September 2020, 7:13 pm

    Rhododendron Petals KtxUYOD
    Rhododendron Petals; Zenbonsakura
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    Deep in cherry blossom forests of Sakuramori live the spirits that used to inhabit this planet, and They are known for running amuck. Zen and Sa are two of these spirits. They were born many, many years ago when a rhododendron weed had made its way into the forest. This beautiful yet poisonous plant was filled with the spiritual energy of the forest, creating venomous spirits with every blossoming petal. Zen and Sa spent centuries wreaking mischief on any of the unlucky people who found their way into the forest, and after meeting Lilynette and hearing her motivating word for adventure, decided it might be fun to leave the forest, and go on adventures with the woman. While causing a bit of havoc on the way, of course.

    Zenbonsakura take the form of two, 30cm long daggers. Lilynette has these daggers strapped to the sides of her thighs for easy access.  

    🌸 +4 Melee Attack
    🌸 Zen and Sa can occasionally transform into their tiny, sprite forms. (Plot ability)

    Poison Jab:

    Name: Poison Jab
    Rank: C
    Category: Debuff
    Type: Active
    Damage: -
    Range: -
    Speed: -
    Duration: 1 post to cut, 5 posts of debuff.
    Downside: -
    Description: Lilinette activates Poison Jab into a single one of her daggers. The poison of the Rhododendron flower seeps through the steel of the blade, coating the edge. She then has till the end of that post to strike her opponent with the blade, causing the poison to enter their system and cause a 55% speed debuff for the next 5 posts. This debuff can be healed by healing magic of C-rank or higher.

    Drunken Petals:

    Name: Drunken Petals
    Rank: C
    Category: Debuff
    Type: Area of Effect
    Damage: -
    Range: 60m
    Speed: 30mps
    Duration: 1-5 posts
    Downside: -2 melee damage until the end of the duration
    Description: At the cost of one of her daggers, Lilinette can transform one of them blossoming flower, filling the area around them with pink pollen. Anyone with in this range will then become intoxicated by the pollen, and begin to feel drunk. (Must request permission to be used on other player characters or NPCs owned by characters)


    Rhododendron Petals 6d1n2ap
                                                                                                                           source credit to Kirinismywaifu
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