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    Post by Meliora Vitae 9th September 2020, 4:01 pm

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    Overview: The S.S. Endeavor

    The S.S. Endeavor is a massive airship that roams Earthland and serves as Meliora Vitae’s base of operations, taking the shape of a whale. It acts as a hub or headquarters, carrying numerous small, personal airships for individuals to board and dock onto the S.S. Endeavor, as well as houses and coordinates the guild and their members.

    The S.S. Endeavor is an environmentally conscious vehicle, and doesn’t fuel its flight through magic or other traditional fuels. Meliora Vitae maintains a relatively large forest on top of the airship, called the Arborium. The Arborium takes the carbon dioxide exhaled by the members boarding the ship and turns it into energy which then powers the airship and Meliora Vitae’s way of life. In other words, the members of Meliora Vitae are the very life of the ship. Other forms of energy come from the ship’s waste, recycling and compressing that into energy as well.

    Because of how massive the airship is, it spends most of its time airborne, rarely docking on land. As a result, the only way to enter the S.S. Endeavor is through its docks, which is available only to their airships. Other unrecognizable aircraft or airships without the appropriate clearance will be rejected through its defensive barrier system, which acts as an invisible wall to outsiders. This shield keeps out the wind and keeps in some of the oxygen produced by the ship so that an ideal environment can be maintained for the plants and inhabitants.

    The S.S. Endeavor is large enough to provide dorms, a cafeteria, recreational areas, and containers large enough to fit large animals for whatever purpose. It possesses a complex self-defense system which consists of radars, artillery cannons, and an aircraft cloaking ability in order to maintain its security should their well-being be in jeopardy. Due to its cloaking ability, the S.S. Endeavor is particularly difficult to track when it does not want to be pursued.

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    The Arborium

    The very heart and power source of the S.S. Endeavor comes from the Arborium. This massive forest covers the surface deck of the ship from bow to stern. It houses trees, plants, and wildlife of many kinds, all functioning together as an active ecosystem. The ship is automated to water and monitor the forest, sending out alerts if there are any issues. There are four main paths that connect from the bow, stern, port, and starboard (front, back, left, and right) sides of the ship to a central point, a wide courtyard with a fountain in the middle. There are several benches around the clearing.

    If one were to wander off the main paths, they may find themselves walking through what feels like a real forest, ship forgotten. Unpaved paths cut through the forest here and there, leading to little springs or clearings. Wildflowers and ferns dot the grassy forest floor. These plants may be the life source of the ship, but they also provide a quiet escape for any members who prefer to spend their time in the outdoors. Some members may even live out here instead of in the dorms if they desire, as long as they do not cause major destruction to the Arborium.

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    Command Center

    Sticking up above the Arborium to the rear of the airship is the command center. The top floor is where the navigation, security and surveillance, and ship commands lie. There are a few small offices at the back of the room for the Deputies to occupy if needed. Generally, only the Captain and Deputies are allowed in the room unless there is need for Cadets to enter. Below the command room are two large meeting rooms. These spaces are for large guild meetings and briefings or for branch meetings.

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    The interior of the S.S. Endeavor consists of five floors, numbered I-V going down from the deck (i.e. the level right below the deck is I, and so on). Each level has its own rooms and purposes, which will be described below. There is an elevator on the bow of the ship that reaches every floor and a set of stairs next to it should the elevator cease working. Cadets are allowed everywhere except the Captain's quarters and the defenses/weapons area.

    The reason that the S.S. Endeavor looks so advanced and futuristic is that the original builder had intended to take it into space. Some of the amenities and tools serve no purpose for the guild, and often it can feel like one is at a space station when in the interior levels of the ship. The Captain has worked to make the place feel less alien and more inhabitable.

    Floor I

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    The first floor of the ship, directly under the Arborium, is quite expansive. It contains a lounge for those who wish to relax on their free time. There are cozy chairs, refreshments, and of course, lots of plants. This level also contains the cafeteria and some more meeting rooms. The main engine room is also hosted here, where all the technology that transfers carbon dioxide to oxygen to keep the ship afloat resides. The rest of the ship's wiring and functions also are centered from this floor.

    Floor II

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    The second floor of the ship consists of the dorms where members may stay if they so choose. There are six rooms to a hallway and four hallways total that connect to each other at the bow and stern sides of the floor. The outermost rooms contain windows that look out from the ship. Each room consists of a bed, storage shelves and cabinets, a couch, coffee table, and a private restroom. The showers are separate from the dorms and are contained on this level as well. The Captain's quarters also exist here at the bow side of the level.

    Floor III

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    The third floor of the ship contains the Rehabilitation & Research branch's headquarters. Here, members of that branch have plenty of tools at their hands, from a growing database of life forms to a space to construct and test new technology that helps the guild's goals. This level also hosts the medical bay, where both relocated creatures and guild members may come to be healed of injury or sickness.

    Floor IV

    ✿ Meliora Vitae Guild Hall ✿ DrdxxGc

    The fourth floor of the ship consists of mostly animal containment rooms for the Relocation & Dispatch branch. This level is under constant surveillance to make sure no potentially dangerous creatures escape. Rooms of all sizes exist here, able to contain some quite large creatures. While the doors are metal and heavy-duty, the interior of each room can be customized to be the ideal environment for the creature it hosts. This ability is powered by lacrimas within the level.

    Floor V

    ✿ Meliora Vitae Guild Hall ✿ UHs2c4w

    The fifth and lowest floor of the ship is where the docks are. Here, pods and airships can come and go from retractable doors with clearance permissions. This is also where pods are stored and repaired. The weapons that defend the S.S. Endeavor are centered here as well, though some of the weapons built by the original airship's owner are overly powerful and go unused by the guild as they are generally peaceful.

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