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    Passport Issue


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    Completed Passport Issue

    Post by Whisper 9th September 2020, 1:14 pm

    Passport Issue 3zKL
    The lobby was worthy of a five star establishment, as was to be expected. Treadin the fine line between fancy elegance and tacky extravagance, the waiting area of Silver Moon inn was a testament not only to the palce's quality, but also its discretion. After all, a popular saying around Fiore was; what happens in Silver Moon inn, stays in Silver Moon inn. Whisper had arrived at Rose Garden the night before and was in need of a place to stay over. He chose to stay here not because of the place's renown. He just found it fitting for a silver wolf to sleep under a silver moon. But that was yesterday and today, well, today he had stuff to do. Mind you, he'd rather not do it, however, situations demanded it. So, charmingly thanking the receptionist and bidding them goodbye as he checked out, he took to the streets. Soon enough the mage had reached his destination.

    Whisper was never a fan of bereaucratic procedures. They always took longer than they should, involved a bunch of paperwork they did not necessarily need to, and, quite frankly, bored the hell out of him. Not to mention that the civil servants who oversaw such procedures more often than not fell into the stereotype. They were also bored by them and existed in a state of deep hatred for their jobs. Honestlly, the blond mage did not blame them for that. What he did blame them for was taking out those frustrations on the people who required their services. Ironic, seeing as such behaviors were what fed the stereotypes in the first place. Engaging in them resulted only in a vicious, self sustaining circle. Nevertheless that day bereaucratic procedures were something he would have to endure. Having recently joined Silver Wolf as a hunter he knew that travelling in far places would be unavoidable. Ergo, issuing a passport was also unavoidable. So far he never had the need for one. An international student identity card took care of the same job for him. However, it had been a couple of years since Whisper had finished with his studies and thus stopped being a student. The ends justifying the means, he had supposed he would be able to sit through the ordeal of beraucracy for once. Having prepared himself for it the night before, he really thought he would manage to maintain his patience long enough to get done with it without letting it ruin the rest of his day. If only the queue was not that long.

    The waiting proved to be never ending. That said Whisper had managed to make the most out of it by striking conversations with fellow waters in line. At least that turned out to be more or less enjoyable. Whisper had trouble forming bonds with people, a fact that never stopped him from liking or engaging in banter and social interaction with strangers. Deep, meaningful relationships had never been his forte. Anything brief and casual was more his cup of tea. Besides, seeing as he was also bad at firt impression, thus resorting to scripted ones, it was the perfect practice grounds.

    In the hours waiting Whisper got to meet a handful of fascinating people; Bertha, a lovely grandma eighty three years of age, was planning to visit her daughter and grandkids in Bosco. She also made a mean pound cake and was lovely enough to share some with the handsome young man that had striked a conversation with her. That handsome young man being Whisper. Archibald was a history buff a few years younger than himself. The two spent more than twenty minutes discussing the ancient temples of Midi, where young Archibald was supposed to go after getting his passport. Tori and Trina, strikingly beautiful twin sisters, wanted the passport to go to Minsterl, where their recently deceased mother had left for them an appartment to inherit. There were others too. Scottie, a smoking hot and capable attorney. Drew the blacksmith. Hans the dancer. Olivia the baker. Pantheon the baker, who had a peculiar name for a baker, but with a name like his who was Whisper to judge? Most, however, were ordinary Jane and John Does. Their names not intentionally concealed, but their person not fascinating enough to for their name to be remembered.

    Not being one to only pursue interesting conversations or idle chatter to make waiting for a passport less boring, Whisper also put his charm and debonair looks to good use. That meant playing the game, also known as trying to pick girls up. Having few he could call friends, Whisper was used to the method of cold approach. A term used when interacting with someone who is a complete and total stranger to you, without even ahving the friend-of-a-friend buffer to ease your way. As was usual for him though, that involved quite a bit of lying. Today he went all out on that. He used every trick in his book. After all the queue to get his passport was seemingly unending and it looked like had enough time to kill.

    Doctor, salesperson, star athlete, funeral director, influencer. All ploys he put to use. Unfortunately most fizzled. Lawyer, however, came through. A lie as it may have been, the many hours he had spent watching Blazers, Order & Law and How to Get Away with Perjury, all legal drama series, as well as the impeccable, three piece suit he was wearing lent more than just some credibility to it. Credibility which, coupled with his well practised allure, made it all the more believable. And that led to him getting the iLac number of not one, but two lovely ladies. Lilly, a feisty, sassy redhead and Rachel, a gorgeous, witty brunette. All that just in time as soon after it was finally his turn in the line.

    Two hours, a countless amount of signatures and paperwork, and four arguements with various civil servants later and his job was done. Whisper was now the proud owner of a passport. Sans proud. Frustrating and aggravating as the whole process was it managed to sap all the fun he managed to have while waiting out of him. Alas, it was something that needed to be done. Finally done, Whisper exited the governmental building. A sense of freedom washing over him as his shackles of having to deal with bereaucracy were at last broken. Being able to legaly travel to other countries, it was time for the next stop in his journey. Unfortunately that was all the way over to the Neutral Zone. To tell the truth, he could have made this easier on himself. Rose Garden wasn't the only place able to issue passports. Morgate Town also had that authority, not to mention that it was far closer to his next destination. However, he deemed it worthy to come here instead. Tasting the experience of staying in a five star inn was how he justified his choice to others. But those who knew him, knew that it was all done for the sake of a stupid wordplay on his guild's name.

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