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    Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust)

    Naphtali Mido
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    Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust) Empty Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust)

    Post by Naphtali Mido 28th August 2020, 6:09 pm

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    It's been a long time sense I've seen that ugly mug of yours, Naphtali. Paresse chuckled as she floated behind Naphtali, who was currently looking at his reflection in a store window. He reached up, pushing back on the skin of his cheek. "Me too..." He replied. His green eyes were brighter then he imagined, even in this dark alley in motor city. His typical outfit was changed up, too. Instead of baggy black clothing and a cloak, he was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, black slacks, and sneakers.

    He had been traveling for so long wearing his bunny mask that he had almost forgotten what his own face looked like. He clenched his fist, and let out a deep sigh. He didn't feel all that comfortable with his mask off. What are the odds that his very first job assignment would be such an inconvenience for him. "Paresse,"


    "If we run into anyone who recognized me outside of Elysium, don't let them get away."

    She let out a chuckle, Fine, but only because it sounds like fun.

    He looked up at the pitch black sky. A few starts managed to creek there way into view, but without the moon in place the sky looked barren. Not only had this job specifically requested that he not look suspicious and not hide his face, but it took place in the middle of a new moon meaning that his spirit Lepus, his only combat spirit, was out of commission due to her contract.

    I'm visible and defenseless, great.

    He walked a few feet from the window, and leaned his back against the brick wall behind him. This was the meeting place for the job, and there were still 2 more guild members on their way.



    Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust) Empty Re: Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust)

    Post by Guest 29th August 2020, 10:03 am


    It had been some time since Faustein's most recent adventures, the first of which was the fight against the Fairy Tail guild where he faced off against a couple of strong opponents who beat him down thoroughly and the second in which he led a new recruit named "Naphtali" into the ranks of Elysium. Since then, he had gotten back to his daily routine of being a practicing physician-scientist and of course, his ongoing mad science research. Thus, time had marched on steadily for him till the present time. A few days prior, he had received a summons from the higher ups of Elysium, his guild which entailed him accompanying the two newest of its recruits, "Hanako" and "Naphtali" on a job to supervise their actions and to ensure job success as well.

    For something as simple as this, they need me of all people? What a drag...

    Faustein grumbled mentally as he readied himself in his usual physician-scientist's outfit and his usual equipment before heading out to Motor City which was the site of this job. He wanted to arrive as quickly as possible, so he used his spacetime chronometer, aka "IIC" to instantaneously teleport himself to the exact spot he knew  "Naphtali" was waiting as that was the agreed upon rendezvous spot for the three of them. Upon arrival, he touched down nearly soundlessly and then approached "Naphtali" while asking

    "So, it will be me, you, and Hanako who will be doing this job presumably?"

    Then, he fell silent and waited for the man's response and/or reaction if there would be any and of course, he was waiting for "Hanako" to show up as well so they could go over the plan before clearing the objectives of this particular job.

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    Whats in the Box? (Mido/Hanako/Faust) Senkuishigamiwork

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    1. Faustein is ordered to accompany Naphtali and Hanako on a simple D class job and so, he heads out to Motor City and meets up with Naphtali before waiting for Hanako to show up as well.










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