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Naruto Legacy! (Character Conversion/Mature Content Allowed)

The Sake King!

Naruto Legacy! (Character Conversion/Mature Content Allowed) Empty Naruto Legacy! (Character Conversion/Mature Content Allowed)

Post by The Sake King! 25th August 2020, 10:23 am

In a new AU (Alternate Universe), where the canon characters we know and love don’t exist, where the shinobi world starts right after the warring period, you will find that fresh, creative and fun ideas come to fruition here at Naruto Legacy! If you have a character on another site that you have progressed and developed, and wish to not lose that progress, we have a conversion system that allows individuals to take skills, weapons, jutsu, funds, prizes, etc and convert it to our site when making your new character or keeping the same one(YES, this even includes your character even if they didn't come from a Naruto site!)

To find out more information, please join our discord chat to engage in conversation with staff and members! Everything you could have wanted out of a Naruto based RP is here at www.narutorplegacy.com ! We look forward to speaking/RPing with you! (Kage Seats are open for newcomers)

Site Link:

Discord Invite:

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Naruto Legacy! (Character Conversion/Mature Content Allowed) Empty Re: Naruto Legacy! (Character Conversion/Mature Content Allowed)

Post by Althea 25th August 2020, 10:50 am

linked back, thank you!


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