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    Honorable death (Job)

    Zagar Nyx
    Zagar Nyx

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    Honorable death (Job) Empty Honorable death (Job)

    Post by Zagar Nyx on 21st August 2020, 2:13 pm

    Job Title: Honorable Death- The Death of a Time-Tested Warrior
    Rank: D-Rank
    Player Requirements: 1 D-Rank Mage Only
    Solo Word Count: 500 Words
    Group Word Count: 1000 Words
    Job Requirements: Slay the warrior honorably
    Job Location: Oshibana
    Job Description: One day, on the post board, a warrior posted a request: help him move on to the afterlife with an honorable death. In the description of the request, the warrior said he cleared it with the Magic Council so any Legal or Neutral guild mage can fulfill the request.


    Boss: Ior Valiir, The Aged Warrior- This man, after living for a valiant 80 years, feels that time has finally taken its toll. His request is to go to Valhalla, not Hel. He wields nothing but a plain kite shield and a double-edged longsword. His shield will block one D-Rank damage attack and his sword deals D-Rank damage. The man himself takes one hit of D-Rank damage to kill.

    Reward: 5,000 Jewel and D-Rank EXP

    -- credit to Aera Tylidae

    Zagar stepped out of a white gate and onto a grassy field, the sky above was a smooth grey with no sun, he adjusted the top hat he wore and fixed his tie, polished shoes stepping on smooth well cut grass and crushing it beneath. A few paces away sat a large warrior in old leather armor and a long bear cloak. He wore a iron helm with a single nose guard and on his left arm was a Kite shield. A monstrous long sword sharpened to perfection rested like a T in front of him. The man had a long flowing white beard and mustache that formed one river down his aged face. Lines of battle scars and years of life showed on his face. The wrinkles had laugh lines, the corner of his lips were arched up showing a man who had laughed and smiled most of his life.

    Zagar had seen the wanted ad on the board and felt a tug at his heart while reading it. A old warrior had reached the end of his life and was looking for a honorable battle to the death to get into his religious after life. So, he had taken the job out of respect for the elderly warrior who had lived his life his way. He approached the warrior and gave a slight bow, showing respect. "I am Zagar Nyx, your final opponent. I fight you with honor!" He placed a fist over his heart and floated backward. The warrior gave the same sign and took his fighting stance. The man was obviously a close quarter combatant, something Zagar was not.

    The man readied his blade and with a roar he charged forward, his steps closing quickly. Zagar opened his hands and a swarm of black butterflies flew out of his hand and covered the distance between the two. The man raised his shield expecting it to bounce off but instead every butterfly that hit the shield ripped away a softball sized piece, before long the entire shield was gone. The man leaped forward and thrusted his sword straight at Zagar's midsection. Zagar's eyes widened and at the last moment vanished, appearing behind the man he opened his arms, creating a black void of heavy gravity that shoved the man to the earth.

    The pure gravitational force crushed his body, the powerful impact damaging his internal organs, the earth around him cracking from the force. Zagar stepped over to the man who laid on the ground, rolling him over, Zagar placed the mans sword on his chest and his hands on the blade. Closing the warriors eyes, Zagar bowed his head. "May you stand proudly in the halls of Valhalla, for you fought bravely and earned your place as a great and honorable warrior." With that, Zagar opened a gate under the man and transported him to the local morgue. Zagar took off his hat, bowed and stepped through a different gate to return back to the guild. He now held the memory of a great warrior in his heart and a aspiration to exceed too.

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